The Development of any Hospitality Facility has become a matter of being able to think both in traditional development structures as well as designing a hotel which once it receives the first guests provide its visitors with an experience for a life time.

FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL DCM has been focusing on the development of 'Outside the box' facilities.

Coupled with the innovative thinking and the continuous strive for new concepts FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL DCM focuses on sustainability of the respective project and higher then industry standard returns.


Our partners for Hotel Developments are often international companies whose core business is outside of Tourism and who want to retain a team of professionals. Due to our backgrounds we in a position to understand the domestic particularities and we can incorporate these with the latest international technological developments in which the guest is the focus of all activities. We firmly believe that the modern traveler perceives 'Outstanding Service and Luxury' as always being closely connected with the feeling of 'Learning - Experience, Convenience and Pleasure'. This believe is found in all our hotels, clubs and other developments.