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Google and SEO


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A recent study was conducted by SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) which revealed Canadian and U.S. advertisers spent around $5.75 billion in the context of devising campaigns for search engine marketing during the previous year which in turn marks an increase of 44% in relation to the figures given in the year 2004.


Let’s first understand Google’s current positioning in the world of search engines and why the company is looking for more ways to improve Search Engine Optimization. Lastly, we will just refresh your memory with Google’s role as a pioneer that encouraged and developed Search Engine Optimization to grow by leaps and bounds.


The role of Google in expanding and fortifying the segment of Search Engine Optimization and encouraging search engines to revive online advertising is definitely a pertinent point to focus on.


Ever since the stock market crashed in the year 2000, economists have pointed out that consumers across the world rely increasingly on search engines when they want to navigate around the web in search of specific information. Even the once cynical group of business barons and investors are now interested in the development of SEO and other digital technologies to evolve this segment much further.


Although Google had reached a highly dominant position in the Search Engine Optimization industry, the makers insist that much room remains for further improvement which in turn indicated clearly that over 70% of the hard work and efforts in Google would be to bring about vast improvements in the search process because Googles' viewpoint on SEO is that information alone is not sufficient till the information is right for the users. The dilemma in achieving the right information lies in understand what the users mean when they search for a word, rather than what they searched.


Much as it is clear that Google holds on to its belief that no Search Engine Optimization can claim to be “too good,” it has played a vital role in development of Search Engine Optimization.


Let’s understand how Google encouraged the development in detail.


The reason why the concept of SEO and description meta tag became so relevant is only because of Google’s preference that these are critical to its method of search process. If you visit the site titled “Google Webmaster tools,” this is clearly evident. You will understand in person that Google Webmaster Tools provide all the vital aspects on Search Engine Optimization and its link to a website's overall performance.


Google is the one of the first pioneers in the segment of Search Engine Optimization to pinpoint that an analysis of the meta descriptions for most Web pages is what eventually make up that website. So when web pages fail to come with descriptions, it would be flagged as weak. When descriptions are inadequate also, the same principle applies.


There is no doubt that it is Google alone that came up with clear directions to webmasters on Search Engine Optimization techniques and emphasised that they provide good keywords as well as meta descriptions when they want to get their Web pages noticed.


Last but not the least, it is Google that placed importance to identifying relevant search words that could propel potential traffic to a particular website. So, the real connection between SEO and Google goes way beyond description simply due to the fact that Google focused its goals of accomplishing more than just keyword analysis but on strategies to propel potential traffic in the right direction with the right information.


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