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Features of Flex


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The good news for Flash users is that the new and improved version of Adobe Flex has an array of wonderful features and nice improvements that will definitely help automate the designing and development workflow. Discussed below are some of the featured characteristics of the recently introduced version of Flex.


Features of Flex:

  • User Friendly Controls:
    Flex 3 features form-based controls that can easily handle user interactions as well as enable the user to directly manipulate the display data.
  • Data communication
    The data communication services of Adobe Flex enables it to connect to the server data utilizing a set of communications services.
  • Easy to Use Containers:
    The improved version of Flash Flex includes improvised drawing surface. Flex also allows the user to control the entire layout for everything that lies within the container, inclusive of all other containers and controls.
  • Event model
    The Event Model of Flex displays occurrences that need a response from the Flex application. These events include both user (through key press or mouse click) and system events (for application initialization).
  • Data modeling:
    Macromedia Flex has the most versatile feature that represents application data to the client. The data model of Flex features facilities for storing application data, data binding for bidirectional or unidirectional binding for UI controls and custom and predefined data formatters. It also consists of data validation so as to be able to validate data model.
  • Behavior
    Flex Application development tool amplifies the experience of the user through motion, animation, effects and sound.
  • Style sheets
    The style sheets of Flash Flex incorporates a standard mechanism that declares styles for the ease of the user.
  • Managers
    Adobe/Macromedia Flex furnishes support for even application tasks of high-level.
  • Development tools
    The Flex development tools can be used extensively for developing Flex based applications.
  • Deployment tools
    Flex features deployment tools that can be used to deploy various Flex applications.

Flex Features at a glance:

  • Smaller Flex SWF Files
  • Versionable
  • Cross-Domain
  • Easy to Use
  • Failover and Hosting
  • Security and Code Signing
  • Cross-Domain RSL
  • Advanced Datagrid
  • SDK and Components Enhancements
  • Runtime and Resource Bundles Localization
  • Deep Linking
  • Code Enhancements
  • Flex Component Kit
  • Language Intelligence
  • Compilation
  • Class Outline
  • Refactoring
  • Profiler
  • Code Search
  • Multiple SDK Support
  • Module Support
  • CSS Design View
  • Designer/Developer Workflow
  • Developer/Designer Workflow (CSS Design View)
  • Design View Zoom/Pan
  • CS3 Suite integration
  • Skin Importer
  • CSS Design View
  • Advanced Constraints
  • Flex 3 SDK Style /Skinning Enhancements
  • CSS Outline

The best feature of Macromedia Flex is that it helps in automating the workflows for both designers as well as developers. The newly introduced extensions of Flex enable it to surpass all expectations of users making it a favorite choice of developers and designers alike.


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