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Flex Application Development


Flex is a comparatively new technology from Adobe.  It is a powerful open-source development framework that can be used for developing and maintaining interactive, rich interactive applications (RIAs).


Why Flex?

  • Flex has rich component Library with 100s of extensible UI components to create rich internet applications.
  • Flex is a free, open-source framework
  • Flex applications can run consistently across all major web browsers and on the desktop
  • Flex applications can access local data and system resources.
  • Flex provides a standards-based language and programming model to develop common design patterns.

Benefits of Flex

  • Highly interactive, intuitive interface for web as well as desktop applications
  • Can be easily scaled from simple components in websites to complex browser-based or desktop applications
  • Can be extended and enhanced the open source framework to suit your needs
  • Extensive library of components, skins, containers, and application services substantially reduce the development time.
  • Easily connects to back-end, distributed data and Java server infrastructures
  • Provides more than 100 prebuilt application components to enhance development, testing, and debugging of web and desktop RIAs.

Why addCMS for Flex Development

  • Highly creative and efficient team
  • Continuous research and development to keep team updated with latest in technology
  • Proven track record of satisfied global clients
  • Cost efficient
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Well managed projects
  • High quality service

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