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Flash banner designing is one of the key areas of expertise that the creative designer team at addCMS has mastered. We have extensive knowledge in creating flash banners that have been carefully designed to make your strategic marketing tactics successful.



We assure you that our flash banner design would catch the eye of your customers and compel them to ensure that you make a sale. addCMS, has long been known as a flash banner maker company that provides clients with the­ best flash banners. Known to create flash banner designs that are unique and fresh, addCMS has often been acknowledged for making even the most complex of advertising projects fruitful.


Features of addCMS designed Flash Banners:

  • Background animation effect:
    We understand that your flash banner is incomplete without background animations. Moving animations in the backdrop of your flash banners would make them more attractive and lively.
  • Text animation effect:
    Animated text added by the addCMS creative designer team would definitely give your flash banner design the much needed life, making it more interesting, interactive and attractive.
  • Music or sound:
    ur extensive experience in creating flash banners has taught us that light music or sound on clicking makes a flash banner more appealing for the visitor of your site, making him/her instantly interested in clicking the flash banner to see what it is all about.
  • Banner link:
    addCMS comprehends that the main purpose of you advertising your flash banner on someone's website is to navigate the visitors back to your site. That is why; we make sure that we link your banners back to your website so that the visitors are able to easily skip to your site to see what you have to offer.
  • First/Second text line settings:
    The flash banner designed by addCMS would have first and second text line settings that would allow you to display various textual lines simultaneously in one flash banner design.
  • Presentation/Intro style:
    We believe that whatever you wish to advertise it must essentially have some kind of introduction/presentation so as to lure visitors into clicking the internal pages of your website. This is one of the major reasons as to why we at addCMS would design flash banners that would give a brief about your services/products, making the visitor curious for more.
  • Full multimedia animations with music:
    If you wish addCMS' proficient flash banner designers would create flash banner designs that have full multimedia animations blended with music, making your flash banners much more vivacious and effervescent.
  • Flash Animation:
    With complete Flash animation your flash banner would positively get a bouncier impact, making it beam with life, thereby captivating the much required attention of your site visitors.

That is why; we at addCMS create flash banner designs that become a flagship for our clients, making their marketing strategies an instant hit. We would provide you with an impeccable flash banner design which would would not only be colorful and attractive but would also give you an opportunity to make your tactful marketing strategies give out profitable results.


We will design flash banners that would be a perfect combination of animation and extraordinary graphics blended with tactical marketing strategies which would definitely increase the traffic on your website. This is art of addCMS' Flash banner design services.


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