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Features of Content Management Software


addCMS is a robust yet affordable Content Management Software. The customizable features of our enterprise content management software allow it to meet the varying needs of all our clients whilst maintaining the integrity of the content management solution within the system's framework. Not only is addCMS easy to integrate with third party softwares but also works well with legacy systems.


Some of the basic features of addCMS Content Management Software have been enlisted below:


  • Easy Usability:

    The intuitive interface of our content management tool makes it easy to learn and productive to use.
  • Save Your Time And Find The Ultimate Freedom From All Hassles:

    Not only does addCMS allow you to manage and edit your web portal or site but would also enable you to contact your customers and list members in almost any corner of the globe. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser in addition to our innovative Content Management System. Voila, you would be able to manage your content instantly.
  • Make your Web Site One Of A Kind:

    Our Web based Content Management Software would help you make your site unique. Our CMS would features modules that would allow you to include HTML or CSS customizations to your site as and when you require. The ready to use designs of templates would assist you in modifying the design and content of your web pages to set them apart from the others.
  • Manageable Navigating:

    Our website content management system would assist you in customizing your site menus, your page's content so that the modified web page can be displayed to your sites' visitors. The beauty of this content management system (CMS) is that you can easily make new pages and edit them as well from anywhere.
  • Admin Management On Multiple Levels:

    The Admin management module of our content management systems would authorize you to create a number of private and safe access accounts in your main panel of control. This way you can easily add all the newly appointed staff members like content writers, affiliate managers or even support staff that you recently hired.
  • Keep Reports And Logs:
    This net content management system would permit you to keep all your records and logs at a glance. This way you can keep a track of all the payments, new users, daily sales and even manual payments. The system would provide you with quick and easy techniques to check your sites income and sales.


All these and many more features of addCMS Web Content Management Software would enable you to manage your site better and thereby build better relations with your clients, customers as well as visitors.



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