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Features of a Travel Website


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There are a number of travel websites making their presence strongly felt on the Internet these days. Be it website for travel, travel agency website or travel agents website, a lot of detailing goes into its design and development. However, the application of advanced technologies and creative vision blend in to form the best travel website.


Here are some must-have features for a travel website:


Visual Appeal

Whether one looks at a travel channel website or just a travel agents website, the website must reflect visual appeal at the first glance. It should not appear so dull and bland so as to drive away its Online visitors. The level of detail in design should be in tandem with that of an international travel website. Be it the colors or graphics that are used, an Online visitor must enjoy the visual treatment.




The content should be informative, useful and relevant to regular travelers and those who would look for information on the site. Travel tips, hotel accommodation tips, articles and discussions maybe encouraged through the content. The idea is to engage the readers and get them interested in all the facilities the website has to offer.


Easy Navigation

Particular attention needs to be given to ensure that a travel website offers easy to navigate feature. Whether one has an international travel website or travel channel website, a visitor must enjoy easy access to important travel related information on each web page. The user experience should be optimized by easy and effective navigation themes on the site.


Extensive Listing Database

As part of travel services provided to customers, it is essential to provide an extensive listing database that also provides pricing information. Naturally, this information can be easily updated according to changes by website support staff. Alternatively, this can be done via a Listing Manager who controls the data administration area. It is essential to ensure that Listing Manager enjoys password protection for security purposes.


Unlimited Listings

The database may house unlimited listings that make it easy for users to decide what they want to refer, ignore, bookmark and so on. When a customer clicks to read a full description of the listing that is of their choice, this becomes possible. This happens because the database gives them access to research the selected item in detail.


Publish On Travelogues

Nowadays most travel channel websites let their members maintain and publish their Online travel journals. This brings in a feeling of enthusiasm among members. When members use the forum to provide interesting accounts of their travel experiences, it brings in more traffic and generates more interest on the Internet. This feature is one that is gaining popularity among most travel channel websites.


Upload pictures

Apart from letting members publish their Online travel journal, it livens the website and brings more popularity when members are given the option to upload travel pictures in their journal. So this facility, similar to a photo album, may be provided.


Download Free Screensavers and Postcards

As interactivity and dialog are the pillars on which a successful travel website rests, it is important to ensure that every effort is taken to engage members in the website. This would bring in more traffic to the travel website as well. One of the most popular features now is the option to download free screensavers and post cards of world’s most beautiful spots. This enables members to check in for the latest screensavers or postcards at least on a bi-weekly basis.


Last but not least, using these features would definitely be informative, interesting and engaging for an Online user who loves to travel. So go ahead and enjoy the travels and good times ahead with so many Online options available on the best travel websites.



Travel Website Designing

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