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Features of a Real Estate website


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A real estate website endows most people with great options for buying or selling, be it a residential real estate website or a custom real estate website. After all, buying a home represents one of the biggest financial commitments that can be made during a lifetime.


Great Options and User Friendly Features

The features of a real estate property website are totally unique as compared to that of other websites. An ideal real estate website guides Online customers through every step of the transaction. To make a real estate website user friendly, it must have features that enable browsers to view the vast database easily.


Vast Database

A majority of real estate agents may create their profiles on a residential real estate website or custom real estate website to connect with consumers. They can then opt for any one of the limitless free opportunities to refer to using databases. The database of a real estate agency website may ideally comprise of a vast number of displays such as a million featured homes. All these displays must be made available to users free of cost.


Showcase listing information to a worldwide audience

One’s listing information reaches out to millions of buyers through the real estate website. The listing comprises a detailed description of the home or property including amenities, price, location and other unique features.


Greater Exposure

The power of such a highly flexible and dynamic real estate website enables greater exposure for sellers to showcase their houses and for buyers to find the homes of their dreams.


Daily Updating
Typically, the feature of ‘daily updating’ attracts every one as the site gets updated with new listings and information. Most websites provide weekly new updates or monthly new updates but with real estate websites, daily updates are an essential feature.


Accurate valuation models
Ideally, the real estate agency website can display accurate value models to showcase the current values of homes per location or area. The constant monitoring of real estate market conditions would help to ensure that major alterations to the algorithm are not required on the real estate property website.


Quote Pre-fill

In the endeavor to make a real estate website, this time-saving feature works well. It lets one name quotes when submitting requests. It is also possible to re-use these quotes to pre-fill fields in case of necessity for future quotes. This quote pre-fill feature is unique as other websites don’t have this feature that automatically fill in all fields except information on interest rate.


Message Pre-fill
The feature in a quote pre-fill also includes a message pre-fill. This, too, is a highly rare feature available only on a real estate website. It lets one save specific notes to borrowers and customize them whenever needed. All this functionality can be found on the site’s web page titled ‘Create Quote.’


Loan Quote Flag Option

By making it easier for lenders to inform the website whenever they see an inaccurate quote, the benefits of an Online transparent real estate agency website becomes obvious. This feature lets anyone flag quotes by clicking on the “Flag quote” option provided on the site. Flags alert the site’s moderators to ensure adherence to the code of conduct for real estate professionals.


Special Add-on Features for browsers on a residential real estate website or custom real estate website:

  • Options to submitting loan requests anonymously
  • Receiving multiple quotes from competing lenders
  • Being able to compare the quotes
  • Ease of use
  • Exclusion of troublesome, follow up calls
  • Option to request and compare current loan rates from multiple lenders without the necessity to give any of the contact info
  • Featured properties comprising map link, photo tours, mortgage calculator and virtual tour options


Last but not least, these features showcase dream homes or real estate properties in a manner that please the customers, tempt them to sign the dotted line and stay within their limited budget.


Real Estate Website Designing

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize that your website must be as big and professional as your real estate business and must have all the makings of a highly profitable online venture. addCMS would help take the first step forward making your daunting task an easy stride.

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