There are many interior and exterior factors that influence a company's productivity and profitability. However, the most important thing is to set the organizational structure right and evaluate productivity and success of the employees who work in accordance with this structure. This notion comes forth in tourism sector, especially in accommodation and lodging corporations where human resources is crucial.

In lodging and hospitality industry where services are produced and consumed at the same time, employees have to be highly qualified. The most critical and essential step to improving the quality of employees is doubtlessly training.

Training has become a notion the lack and importance of which is sensed in every layer of society and every field of business. To overcome this discrepancy that shows up in tourism sector as well and thus, to train employees (including executives) -which directly affects service quality and organization's profitability- necessitates proficiency.

FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL Hotel Development and Management gives the necessary support to turn "change" in lodging corporations into a competitive advantage with its knowledge and experience via the training services of its subsidiary HED Hospitality Training. With trainings and consultancy services that are knowledge-enhancing and skill-improving, HED Hospitality Training helps the hotel services to be provided in high standards and through more economic, proper, faster, professional and modern methods.

FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL Hotel Development and Management is giving development, management, training, auditing and consultancy services in any field of lodging and hospitality industry since it was founded in 1997.

In the companies that it serves for, FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL aims for producing fast and high-quality solutions in the human resources processes that are in accordance with the characteristics of lodging and hospitality industry.

HED Hospitality Training is trying to keep customer satisfaction at the utmost level by improving its services constantly in functional and quality-based means in order to make them suitable for contemporary needs and conditions. HED Hospitality Training is trying to keep the quality of employees at the aimed level to render consistency in improvement and quality in line with the belief of "It is people who create the difference."

Diminishing the qualified employee gap in Turkish tourism sector, providing "fresh blood" to the sector like new employees, supporting human resources with our deep know-how in lodging and hospitality industry.

Contributing to tourism related corporations and individuals not just technically but in line with personal values as well.

Our goal is making our business partner have talented, hardworking, knowledgeable, positive, active and humble employees parallel with our sensitivity about human resources in lodging and hospitality industry, our belief about education's contribution to human resources management and with our training services. Plus, it is answering each and every need about the training by never breaking cost-oriented ethic rules in a fast and reliable way.

HED Hospitality Training listens to the demands of customers carefully as one of the forthcoming institutions in its sector. It views its customers as business partners, and it tries to create a developing media where things work in trust, respect and confidentiality. With these principles, in line with studies and analyses about demands of customers, training programs concerning all aspects of business processes are prepared and put into operation. With the institutional conscientiousness of rendering more than just what tourist wants, quality is improved.

Trainings include education and support services relevant to improving the level of knowledge, skills and attitudes of employees (including executives) who work in any kind of lodging and hospitality establishment. While giving these services, HED Hospitality Training puts up special training programs for employers and implements flexible approach model.

HED Hospitality Training programs are formed in line with the needs of the customer organization. Each program is shaped by designing the best combination for the specific improvement needs of each of our customers. HED Hospitality Training programs are prepared and established along with the principles below:

1. Proficiency
2. Customer-oriented approach
3. Service understanding, which regards solutions and improvement
4. Fast service with a strong team
5. Sensitivity about discretion