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How to make your Home Page more effective


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The home page is the default web page of any domain, that acts as the introductory main home page for the visitors. An online home page is the portal through which the visitors of the web page can get a glimpse of what the site might have to offer. That is why, it is suggested that you make your home page your shop window, a billboard with welcome messages that felicitates your incoming traffic.


How to make your Home Page more effective:

  • Promotional display not excess:
    Your home page might be the greatest place to introduce all your current sales and promotions but refrain from overloading your main home page with an overflow of advertisements. Even though your internet home page can include general promotions as it is the most general page, however, don't try to fit in everything in one web page. Make your home page as noiseless as possible. Don't forget the rule of diminishing returns with an increase of amount on your home page.

    Remember, people who have more focused interests would not mind digging deep into your website. So, you can always put relevant pages for specific promotions rather than encumbering them on one website home page.

  • Connected landing pages:
    For someone who lands on your web page through search engines, the clicked-on page is the home page. Making sure, that each and every web page within your website is linked directly to your home page (whether through a “HOME” link or linkage through the sites' logo) would redirect your visitors to your website home page with ease.

  • Animations to please not detract:
    Don't ever make the mistake of putting heavy loading images before the viewer actually gets to enter your website. It would be like entering a shop only after you watch its advertisements. Such applications totally put off the mood and the user would immediately navigate to another site. The best home page is the one that has light weight fast load time images which load within seconds yet enough of a hook to keep them there.

  • The X Factor:
    Your home page would only have a couple of seconds to grab the attention of your visitors. So, all your attempts must be directed towards making an effective home page that can wow them within that time frame. If you make your home page dull and boring the interest of your web page viewer would wane making your chances of hitting a conversion bleaker. Provide a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that stands out, right on the home page.
  • Effective tagline and logo:
    The logo design and tagline are the two most important elements of your website home page. Keep them as relevant to what you offer to get the right traffic for your web page.
  • Tell 'em what you got:
    Don't bore your visitors with the history of your organization or how you ended up doing this work, tell them what you offer. Telling them right in the beginning of your home page would be sufficient enough to save your as well as your visitors time. Keep the trash away from the home page as far as possible.
  • Desperate Need For Speed:
    Slow loading home pages that are complicated are unlikely to convince your visitor to stick to your web page. If your main home page takes any more than 45 seconds to load, your visitors would run off to another rapidly loadable site. Aim towards displaying your home page on screen within 15 seconds from when the time when the visitor lands on it.

In the end, you must understand that the trick of making the best home page is simple. A home page must be fast, stupidly simple, uncluttered and clear. Letting your web page visitors find what they want on the very first page would allure them towards diving deep into your site and getting converted into potential leads.


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