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How To Make Effective Flash Banners


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Flash banners are without doubt one of the most effective ways of marketing almost anything on the Internet today. Flash banner ads work towards providing customers with a pleasing visual representation of a company and what it offers through its services and products. In fact, a flash banner ad is definitely a much more efficient mode to advertise products as compared to paid search text ads.


However, most of the time people tend to ignore certain important factors that can actually make their flash banner design more competitive and alluring, thus having a much more long lasting impact on the viewers.


How to Make Effective Flash Banners:


  • Use Standard Size:
    Always make it a point to consider that the size of your flash banner ads is consistent and in accordance with the standardized size formats. If you create flash banner designs that are larger than the standard size so mentioned would make the images distorted and not get the required attention.

    Therefore, make flash banner ads that are standardized and can fit any browser. Such a flash banner would attract more attention and get you the desired results.
  • Graphic flash animation:
    As the name suggests, it is but obvious that a flash banner ad is incomplete without flash animations. Keep one thing in mind, customers hate banner ads that don't entertain or entice them to click on. A plain and simple flash banner can be pushy, annoying, and often times weird.

    Of course flash banners with animation are more striking than static banners. As a matter of fact, people prefer to click on an animated flash banner design more, as compared to a normal graphic design.
  • Striking not Blinding Colors:
    Yes, it is important that you include colors in your flash banner ads that appeal your viewer and beautify your flash banner rather than detract your visitors to another site when you create flash banner designs. Keep colors that are eye catching but also easy to look at.

    As far as possible ensure that the colors of your flash banner design is the same as that of your corporate website, or even logo. Flash banners should always have the same look and feel as that of your website so that your visitors can immediately link and relate the banner to your products and services.
  • Use Call to Action Phrases and Words:
    It is highly recommendable that you use call to action phrases or words that tantalize your visitors to follow your linked flash banners and hire your services or purchase your products. Using them in your flash banner ads would only benefit you.

    Use catchy terminology like click here, call now, download free, buy now etc to increase the conversion rate of your website dramatically.
  • Tempt With Relevance:
    It is highly probable that your customers don't even see your flash banner design ads. They are presumably bombarded with flash banners by your competitors day-in and day-out as well. This often desensitizes them towards irrelevant flash banner ads thereby not even letting them realize that they were exposed to any new or useful advertisement.

    Thus, make it a point to make flash banner advertisements that are relevant for the targeted audience. For instance, it would be a big turn-off for your visitors to click on the flash banner ad only to land nowhere. Leading visitors to an unrelated page would break their trust and they would never click on your flash banners ever again. Hence, ensure that the webpage that your flash banner links to lands the visitor to where they intended to go.

A properly and strategically designed and placed flash banner can be highly incisive as long as they are seen by the correct eyes. Thus, create flash banner advertisements that are potential in increasing the branding of your company name as well as drive highly targeted traffic to your website. Remember, every one of your efforts made to design the right flash banners would be worth every penny only when done right.

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