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Educational Brochures


addCMS knows that an educational brochure must have a formal look and feel making it interesting yet informative for the students or those who receive it. We comprehend that as the main purpose of educational brochures is to present all the essential and recommendatory features of the institution in an official style.


That is why, the education brochure designers at addCMS have been specifically instructed to create simple and influential educational brochure designs that have a reasonable amount of graphics so that the content is highlighted as well.


addCMS designs educational brochures for the following educational institutions:

  • Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • PHD programs
  • Learning Centers and Freelance teachers
  • Research Centers

Leave your education brochure design to addCMS and let us create a professional brochure design that would be a perfect blend of all three top prioritized brochure design layout requirements for your educational brochure design. An appropriate brochure design layout in harmony with the context and text of your education brochures would make your educational brochure an instant hit with your students and faculty.