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E learning has been successful in spreading its wings across the global market. The attention gained by this intellectual giant can be attributed to the constant improvements introduced in the area of design and structure. The eLearning system engineered by addCMS enhances the quality of the approach that is directed towards the promotion of academic excellence.


It encompasses a massive range of in-built components that enable the system to perform in accordance with the expectations of the instructor and the student. Most of the e learning softwares developed by addCMS impart educational training, incorporate web-based technical tools that update the existing operational system at regular intervals of time. Exclusive facilities such as easy to use controls, smooth navigation, defined training motives and automatic scheduling take our educational training to a different level.


The components of the addCMS eLearning system plays a crucial role in deciding its fate. Each component acts as a part of a jigsaw puzzle. Organized components present clarity, whereas disorganized components can give scope to ambiguity.


Let us take a look at some of the pivotal components of eLearning software provided by addCMS:-

  • Content-
    Content is the foundation of our eLearning software. The success and failure of our educational program rests on the quality of the content. Content is an active part of the entire training process. Therefore, the E-Learning content provided by addCMS incorporates lucidity with intelligence. The content has been designed to cater to several academic requirements at one time. Our great E-Learning course conflates the interests of the target students along with an equal proportion of educational value. This helps it to connect the students to the central purpose of an eLearning system.
  • Audio and Visual media-
    The contribution of audio-visual media in the arena of addCMS's eLearning is quite notable. They are responsible for introducing interesting instructional features within the eLearning system. Our e Learning content incorporates animations, recorded audio and video lectures. Video conferencing techniques employed during the course of electronic learning help the students in understanding the material better. These technically advanced methods of instruction have proven to be an effective communication channel between the students and the instructor. Thus, addCMS has mde sure that all these features are used effectively in our eLearning content.
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)-
    The Learning Management System is a mandatory feature in addCMS's E-Learning course. It is responsible for scheduling tasks, documenting performance records and graphing progress reports for a student’s convenience. It keeps a track of events such as workshops, seminars and video-conferencing classes associated with the course. One of the most significant aspects of our eLearning Management System is its ability to adapt itself according to the student’s directions. addCMS LMS can be easily customized in accordance with a student’s routine and be programmed to respond to the needs of a student. Our electronic learning courses operate in collaboration with the LMS to generate performance graphs based on the assessment reports documented by the elearning software. These features are efficient in preparing the student on a professional basis for the prospective competitive examinations to be attended by him/her.
  • Web-based Connectivity-
    Electronic learning courses offered by addCMS help in advanced connectivity of features that bridge the gap between the instructor and the students. Currently, video-conferencing is one of the most visible trends in this field. Online forums and networking facilities also occupy an important position in the process of electronic learning. Several practical workshops are initiated online for a better understanding of concepts. addCMS uses such online facilities to encourage feedback from the students as well as instructors and create positive prospects for the future of electronic learning.
  • Online and Offline tools-
    Our e learning systems have been consistently modified by our elearning developers in coordination with the regular enhancements in the technology sector. Some of our systems perform on the basis of internet, whereas others provide offline access to training material and technical assistance. Web-based libraries and research centers provided by us for round-the-clock academic support and downloadable PDF documents guarantee offline access to information.
  • Assessment Tools-
    E learning software provided by addCMS ensure quality education and training with a set of assessment tools. These tools are capable of documenting and graphing the performance of a student. Regular tests and questionnaires in our ELearning content prepare the students for prospective examinations. The assessment tools implement the idea of perfection in the field of educational training. Therefore, they have the ability to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a student which helps him to strategize his preparation schedule.

The components listed above are combined to construct a launch-pad for the addCMS E-Learning program. All these elements put together are responsible for imparting the correct training throughout our course. Not only do they allow the instructors to add a personal touch to the process of instruction but also step out of books and take the shape of reality with E-Learning for the next generation of intelligence.

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