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How to create great Corporate Identity Material


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Corporate identity material is what can create waves and touch all aspects of your business. Your corporate identity materials play a vital role in establishing a connection with your customer with your organization. You must determine that your corporate identity and branding is able to reach your target market as well as develop a corporate identity brand for your corporate companies reflecting what your organization and products really stand for.


Having strong and integrated corporate brand identity throughout your corporate identity material can build cogent marketing communications that would further a strong branding image to all your customers. All your corporate identity materials including brochures, visiting cards, stationary or even logos must be developed to enhance your corporate identity and enable customers to identify with your organization's messaging spirit. So, here are a few tips that would help you create great Corporate Identity Material. Read On..


How to create great Corporate Identity Material:


  • Tip #1: Answer The Questions
    Begin designing your corporate identity material only after you have answered a few essential questions.
    Ques 1: Who are your key clients? (Both targeted and existing)
    Ques 2: What are their major issues and concerns?
    Ques 3: What kind of resources, skills, strengths or experiences do you have that can help them resolve those concerns?
    Ques 4: What do you wish to tell your prospects/clients about your corporate companies?
    Ques 5: How would you want your clients to describe you?
    Once you have the appropriate answers to them all would you be able to design the perfect corporate identity materials for yourself.
  • Tip #2: An Identifiable Logo That Systematically Implements Your Style
    Your corporate logo must always have consistency in terms of corporate colors, placement, spacing as well as size throughout your corporate identity material to ensure that it implements your style and corporate ideas in a systematic fashion.
  • Tip #3: Relative Placement Of Text And Logo
    Imagine, what would your corporate identity material look like if it had a huge logo that makes the font size smaller or a large font sized text that completely overshadows your logo. Always ensure that your text, logo and tagline are in harmony with each other in terms of size, color and meaning. The relative placement of your text, tagline and corporate logo, whether placed to the left, right or center of your corporate identity collaterals must always be aligned in the same manner all round your corporate identity materials.
  • Tip #4: Adequate White Space
    Don't try to cram all the information onto one page. It would only make your corporate brand material look cheaper and unorganized and reflect badly on your business. May it be your letterheads or visiting cards, adequate whitespace is a must. Your corporate identity material must be in accordance with the guided margins that are suggestively used.
  • Tip #5: Smashing Tagline That Says It All
    The best way to get the immediate attention of your customers or clients is to include an effective tagline in your corporate identity material that would not only reinforce your business ideas and ethics but would also remind them about your corporate or products whenever they read it. Ensure that it is striking enough to allure your clients and believe in what you say and promise to provide them with.

Don't be prone to corporate identity crisis! Follow these simple rules of creating great corporate identity material and give it a flip mode to establish a stronger corporate identity and branding for your corporate companies.



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