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How to choose colors for your website


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To help understand how to create an effective website using the right website color palettes or website color code, here are some tips to get started with on website color:


Use 216 Color Palettes

The usual computers are set up so as to interpret 256 basic colors. These are colors that are basically derived from the primary colors comprising red, yellow and blue. Most browsers show colors differently as this depends on their mac/pc platforms. To ensure that the website color schemes one chooses for the website meets the requirements, it is best to use the 216 color web-safe palette.


Assess Personality of Target Audience

Whatever website color code or website color schemes that is selected should be in tandem with the overall identity, personality and mood of the target audience. There is a need to identify the website background colors that appeal to them while pondering on how to create an effective website. It is always vital to remember the audience while finalizing website color schemes.


Larger the graphic, use lighter colors

Where a large graphic element is part of a site, it is best to use a lighter color. This helps to ease the strain on the viewer's eyes and one can exercise more options in terms of website design color picking.


Smaller the graphic, use darker color

When graphics for a website are smaller, the darker colors may be used. Darker colors would stand out better.


Avoid Use of Glaring Colors

In website design color, it is important to remember that bright, flashy colors are a strict no-no. Glaring website color themes on a web page brings about a harsh effect and strain on the viewer. That is why; most websites avoid the use of glaring website color themes to create an effective website.


Design Logo First

Remember to get the logo done first as that is what will appear across every page. Besides, the logo design may impart more ideas on what website color codes or website color picker may be finalized. Also, the website background colors may be finalized or modified accordingly.


Avoid Color MishMash

Lastly, while using website color picker or website color codes, there are some factors to consider. It is vital to ensure that pictures or graphics of client products on the website are well integrated with other segments of the site. This means one has to choose a color or two from the main picture provided on the website. These selected colors may be used as outlines or table backgrounds on the site. The gist is that all colors on a site should look as if all of it blends well. There should be no color related mishmash.


To sum up the topic, colors, when used correctly, boost the viewer’s impression of a web site. So while designing a website, it is important to be ‘color wise’ at all times.


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