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Children's Website Designing

addCMS comprehends that kids are as easily stumped by confusing websites as are adults. The only difference is that kids tend to view graphical ads as content to click on. Therefore, we exclusively design children's website in vibrant colors and a layout that demands simple text and navigation to become an instant hit with kids. That is why, addCMS designed children's websites are specifically targeted towards kids, with the crux being an entertaining visual ride that is appealing and informative.


Why addCMS for Children's Website Designing:

  • Usability Problem Free Sites: We at addCMS believe that a poor usability website structure combined with the children's lack of patience could prove to be a deadly combination for driving away the young visitors from a site. Thus, we make sure that our children's website design  have clear navigational and easy clickability provisions to keep the visitors stuck onto a site.
  • Online games, contest, quizzes integration: The easiest way to attain a better visitation is to integrate Online games, quizzes and contests in a children's website. These features make a site popular and also gains a better traffic rate that helps in increasing the page ranks of a children's website.
  • Pleasing Animations and Sound Effects: We at addCMS always feel that animations and sound effects act as positive design elements for children. Not only do they create an excellent first impression, but also encourage the users to stay on a site. Animated characters that speak, recite poems, narrate stories or dance, leave a livelier impression on the kid, making him/her feel ecstatic every time they visit a site. This in turn makes them return again and again and view the animations in action.
  • No Scroll Web page Layouts: One of the most unlikely thing that kids would ever do is to scroll down a Web page to view what lies beneath the first screen that appears. That is why, we at addCMS design no scroll childrens website page layouts that would show all the highlights of a site on the first instance itself.
  • Advertising Techniques that work: One of the most notable pointers that we have learned in the past few years of designing websites for children is that kids tend to click on advertisements and banners more than they read the content. Therefore, we make sure that we create a children's website design that has banners and advertisements that act as a content source to navigate kids to their area of interest within a site.
  • Interactive Designs: We understand that the best children's website is the one that has interactive designs which acquaint the child with the entire site and its special features. addCMS ensures that our children's website design is entertaining, colorful, funny and use multimedia effects that grabs the attention of the visitors instantly.
  • Vibrant Color Combinations: Use of vibrant, rich and brilliant color combinations is the best way to allure and bewitch the juvenile. Our designed children's website are a perfect blend of color and animations that catch the eyes of youngsters and retain a loyal visitation to the site designed by us.  
  • Easy To Read Font Styles: Only small, to the point and easy to comprehend instructions won't do the trick. We make sure that the content provided throughout your children's website is clearly readable to the young site visitors.

With diverse design elements and multimedia effects, each of our children's websites tend to work well for children. In fact, addCMS designer team ensures that our website designs enable children to use your Website for entertainment and learning with ease.

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