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The CD Presentations made by our Multimedia developers would provide you with an ideal platform to stand out in the crowd of websites. Your clients and prospective customers would be presented with exhaustive information in an engaging and interactive way, making them better than those provided by your competition.


Our interactive multimedia corporate presentations incorporated in a CD-ROM, new product launch info CD's, CBTs and multimedia CD catalogs would provide your web site with an edge that would help you attain higher recognition and recall from your prospects.


Why addCMS for CD Presentation Services:

  • We at addCMS would help you convert your print catalog, web site, your product photographs and your company profile into one single CD.
  • We would assist you in creating stunning multimedia CD presentation designs and and engaging CD designs of catalogs.
  • We assure you that these designs would definitely help you generate customer interest in all your products and services.

If you wish, we would place your data in a dynamic or static manner in a CD. What you would get would be a digital card or a master CD-ROM. Your Multimedia CD presentations or catalogs would basically be written on this CD. This CD would have an auto-run file and a CD Icon specially customized for you. This way, you would be able to replicate the CDs as and when you need more copies.


You can use these CD Presentations for:

  • Critical meetings
  • Product launches
  • Trade fairs
  • Annual reports
  • Training Manuals
  • Display Product Range (Catalog) with Specifications
  • Give out company profile

Trust us, these CDs would work out cheaply as compared to print catalogues. They would also be changed easily so that you would be able to make modifications whenever you want. This CD format would also assist you in putting your entire website into a CD. This way, you would be able to design your website intro and make it run automatically whilst you launch your website.

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