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10 Catalog Designing Tips


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A catalog design is probably created keeping one purpose in mind- to make audiences aware of the various products offered by your organization as well as convince them to buy them. Therefore, regardless of the fact, whether printed or online, catalog designing and layout must be a perfect advertising vehicle for the product/service provider.


Online or Printed?

A good catalog layout design is the one that drives sales right to the bank. Even though, for most cases, online versions of product catalog design are highly recommendable; nevertheless, almost 55% of online shoppers prefer to shop with a printed catalog design in hand. However, following certain simple tips can enable one to make their catalog designs better and more alluring for viewers.


10 Catalog Designing Tips:

  • Best Product Photography-
    This is one of the most essential factors that affects the way audiences would perceive a catalog design. A catalog layout design would remain to lack in essence until and unless it incorporates high quality images of the products so being sold. Poor quality photographs only diminish the credibility of the products on display.
  • Brand Color-
    Whether sharp or selective, one must make sure that the brand color used throughout the catalog layout design must be consistent. Accuracy and congruity is a must have in every product catalog design. Coherence across the catalog design would ensure visual interest.
  • Balancing Act–
    Make sure to romance with product images and descriptive information. A product catalog design that answers the “What's in it for me?” question of the customer is always benefit driven. Such a catalog design is always more credible, helpful, accurate, authoritative and informative.
  • Targeted Towards The Audience–
    One must ensure that the catalog layout design speaks for itself. A well made product catalog design must use a suitable language that is easy to read and understand for the readers.
  • Space Allotment & Size–
    Consider important factors such as brand, the imperative of the product being sold, and the audience being targeted before the catalog design is being laid. Assuring that adequate space and ranking is given to the more salable products would guarantee higher sales for the product.
  • Page Layout-
    Remember product is the focus of catalog designing. Always place the products in the catalog design in a way that the viewer is able to identify the products quickly and reckon what is being sold at what price. The product and price in the catalog designing must always be visibly noticeable – especially if price is the niche.
  • Clean And Simple-
    A catalog design that is clear and simple would assure that customers are able to shop for the products easily. A catalog design that has been made keeping in mind the simplicity of design and layout would cater to the readers ability to browse through the products thus basket a sale. Readers don't usually spend a lot of time on looking for what they want. A clumsily created product catalog design would fail to bag sales.
  • Consistent Format And Purpose–
    The very best of designers would warrant that all the pages of the catalog layout design look like they are from the same brand. Invariable catalog designing is the optimal way to make loyal customers.
  • Measured Space Allotment–
    White space is the key to a good catalog design. Cluttered catalog designing would not be able to provide rest to the eyes of the customers bolting them away from the website. White space around the products is, therefore, critical for a product catalog design.
  • Invitational Front Cover-
    An inviting front page catalog design would tempt the reader to open the catalog and read further on about the products being offered. A bewitching and enticing front page would definitely provide the readers with a taste of what lies inside the product catalog. Advertise the top sellers in the beginning to help the customer focus on the best merchandise.

All these pointers if kept in mind while creating the catalog layout design would provide your product catalog design a stopping power and a reason for the viewers to go inside to reveal the products in the catalog design.


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