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buysellarticles.com: A Marketplace for buying, selling and auctioning of articles

One of our team members came up with an idea of launching a site that would act as a marketplace to sell and buy articles and auction content. The idea excited the entire team. This was when, the addCMS team came up with the solution of creating a web portal that would cater to the the suggested requirements. Thus, came up the decision of launching the website, and they immediately booked the domain name buysellarticles.com.


The Challenge:

The development of the portal was not as easy as it sounded. The addCMS team had to put on their thinking caps, to together create a site that would have the ability to yield to the varied requirements of each logged-on user. We analyzed that we could target both authors and content buyers to purchase  the articles for sale, towards this site. Therefore, we had to make sure that the user-interface was friendly for both types of users.


The Analysis:

After much brain storming and enthusiastic feed backs, addCMS creative and development team came to a conclusion that the site would have different log-in provisions for authors and content buyers. We emphatically decided that the site would equip authors to upload original content and quote a price in accordance with the categories, namely: Usage and Full Rights. On the other hand, the content purchasers would have the authority to purchase content that was relevant and original for their magazines, websites or newspapers etc. addCMS felt the necessity to enable content buyers to buy content from that which was existing on the site or even opt to order customized content from the author of their choice.


The Solution:

Together, the addCMS developmental and creative team designed a web portal that acted as a platform for content authors and buyers to interact and exchange Content that included Articles, Reviews, Tutorials, Blog Entries or Customized Content (as per the requirement of the purchaser). We thought it would be a swell idea to let the authors decide the price of their content. We also made sure that excerpts of the article was provided to the buyers, so that they can view a part of the content that they wished to buy, before they headed for the actual purchase.


Since, the website was meant to buy and sell articles, online, the addCMS team integrated a renowned payment gateway in buysellarticles.com, that allowed the content buyers to purchase content and make payments for the same, with ease.


The Outcome:

buysellarticles.com became an instant hit with the authors and content purchasers as it became an easily accessible market place where people could simply log-in and upload or buy content as and when they please. With a free option to buy, sell and bid for content with ease, the web portal became a huge success instantaneously.