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BREW Mobile Application


 Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless or BREW is an application development platform for mobile phones. BREW is developed by QUALCOMM Internet Services. Binary Runtime in BREW means that it runs on the top of hardware platform and can be easily ported to other hardware platforms.


We have extremely competent team at addCMS who have vast experience in developing mobile solutions on BREW platform.


Our competency in BREW Includes:

  1. Mobile games
  2. Picture sharing
  3. Audio/video sharing
  4. Entertainment solutions
  5. SMS solutions
  6. Mobile e-mail solutions
  7. Ring tone applications

We have developed the following mobile applications in BREW:

  1. Movie Ticketing application
  2. Image Sharing application
  3. M Commerce application
  4. Discount Portal
  5. Phone backup application

We test the application on a number of handsets before delivering an application. You have the have to choose to outsource your mobile application or hire our dedicated developer who will work as a part of your team.  For more details, view our Hire Dedicated Developer section.


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