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Blogs and Press Releases for SEO


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No matter what the experts say about the dynamics of getting SEO right, in simple terms, SEO is really the art of being discovered by your target audience. To make sure that this happens in the virtual world, the language they use is the language that you need to focus on in response to their searches or discussions of topics that may be related to the services or the products that you wish to highlight. Through blogs or press releases, this becomes possible yet more challenging than ever before.


A lot of people imagine SEO is all about using jargon, researching and changing press release keywords, phrases, META tags, and so on but the truth is a far cry from this. Let’s understand a little more about press releases along with tips before we go further.


Let’s understand what press releases are all about. Initially, these were meant as a kind of communication tool between a PR company and the media. But this has changed to a great extent because online websites providing news like Yahoo News tends to have a vast mine of press releases which get noticed as a tool of communication because users are interested in accessing this kind of content. Besides, RSS simplifies it further.


It has been found that of the online sites that provide news, sites including MSNBC, the New York Times, CNN, etc, Yahoo! News are considered to be the number one online destination for news.


To ensure that your press release content bags maximum visibility, here are some easy yet effective tips to start implementing the next time you work on drafting content for press release:

  • Don’t Start with Boring News. No one likes old news, boring news or stale news so the key factor is to focus on new and relevant topics that don’t have too much information or too many keywords.
  • Keyword Up. Do note that the relevant and important keywords should be present right at the top of the document and not get lost to the end of the press release.
  • Distribute Correctly. A wire service like Business Wire or PRWeb would get you instant visibility. Try to make sure that your release has more than one angle to get more attention compared to your competitors.
  • List your contacts. Ensure that you compile a list of contacts for your press releases and blogs so that you can offer an exclusive on superlative story ideas that may turn out to be exactly what they were looking for.
  • Do a blog post version of news. You can not submit press releases to Digg, Reddit, and Stumble Upon directly but you can provide blog posts of news to get visibility.
  • Link with social bookmark sites. Take advantage of social bookmark services such as blogmarks.net or del.icio.us so that these can get linked and turn into crawling links for search engines.


There are several ways to get better search engine visibility through search engine optimization. You can add an audio link that is like a pod cast or an announcement of a product as part of your press release or a blog that you have started.


Another option is that if you are linked with an RSS feed along with the press releases, you can involve Apple iTunes to tune in to the audio automatically. What happens then is that it would be freely available on the channel iTunes.com which has a whopping number crossing over 70 million subscribers.


With incredible opportunities available to extensively reach out online, blogs and press releases enhance the scope of search engine optimization by functioning as tools that trigger direct-to-consumer communication online.



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