Outsourcing: Diffusing Boundaries

I totally agree with Larry Elder when he said:Outsourcing and globalization of manufacturing allows companies to reduce costs, benefits consumers with lower cost goods and services, causes economic expansion that reduces unemployment, and increases productivity and job creation.”

Rightly said, ain’t it?!! Well, for those who are in the field of development (IT in specific) would completely be in unison with me that offshore outsourcing has now become the key strategy for businesses across the globe for achieving higher performance goals.

Outsourcing trends have ripened the market for job opportunities as well as created a better market for developers to show their talent and skills. Outsourcing of services have mellowed since the year 2006 (according to a study made in US). Such outsource options have smudged boundaries and enhanced intermingling of resources, reflecting an extremely challenging market for the offshore outsource developers and players today! Resulting in which, many outsourcing companies have managed to considerably reduce the risk of relocation of management and resources through strategic IT outsourcing.

Alphonso Jackson stated: “The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it.”

This would explain to you why the First World countries like USA prefer business outsourcing to India. The cheap labor costs and better productivity makes India the A-1 choice for offshore outsourcing. Such outsourcing trends have advantageously worked towards pulling the economical graph of India’s financial strata in the global fiscal environment.


Business outsourcing has spread its wings with mergers and acquisitions taking place all over the world. These outsourcing trends have emerged due to the evolving of multi-sourcing activities and tough competition betwixt the IT players. IT services outsource has enabled various suppliers to streamline modules and attain perfection.

Little is left to doubt as to why more and more companies are indulging in business outsourcing, benefiting outsourcing companies like us and helping us achieve an equilibrium in making profits!!

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