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Mailers: The New Funda of Direct Mail Advertising

Hello hello!! I am back to enlighten you all with my in depth knowledge about mailer designs I hope by now you know and understand that the direct marketing technique is no longer constrained to just brochures and flyers. Direct … Continue reading

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Print Media Advertising: Is It Dead??

What is this that I heard?? Print Media is dying?!? Excuse me, give me a break. This ain’t gonna happen in the near future, I can bet you on that!!!   I confess, that I am not much of … Continue reading

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SEO Copywriting: Let it be Natural But Tactful

Does the abbreviated term SEO ring any bells in your mind??! Well, if you are in the Web business, then SEO copywriting would make a lot of sense for you. Search engine optimization would be your key to increase your … Continue reading

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Outsourcing: Diffusing Boundaries

I totally agree with Larry Elder when he said:“Outsourcing and globalization of manufacturing allows companies to reduce costs, benefits consumers with lower cost goods and services, causes economic expansion that reduces unemployment, and increases productivity and job creation.” Rightly said, … Continue reading

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Advantages of eLearning

♫ Yeah Yeah ♫ ♫ Sanchit is Back ♫ Hey all you guys and gals… So, all of you have again managed to bring me back to my PC and pen down..ummm..actually type down my thoughts for you even when … Continue reading

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Writing Accurate Advertising Collateral

Are you thinking about creating your marketing collateral and are feeling lost?? Don’t worry agony aunt Akanksha is here to help you. Designing direct marketing is an art that requires tons of effort and tactful use of strategic marketing. Don’t … Continue reading

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Brochure Designing A-Z

Oh. Come on… Don’t sulk now that you feel that there is something not right about your products because they don’t sell? Well, don’t be upset I would suggest. Psst. Here’s the secret. Maybe it’s not your product line but … Continue reading

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5 Advantages of Using ASP.NET Development Tools

Right, so you think JAVA is the best when it comes to developing applications?! Think again. FYI ASP.NET Application Development is the new buzz of today. Yes, agreed that while most developers are of the opinion that ASP.NET is simply … Continue reading

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Basics of Custom Application Development

Hello my dearies… First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for all those lovely pingback comments…mwah mwah… Ok. Now, let us start with what I am here for. Today, let us discuss the … Continue reading

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Benefits Of Using Flash For Application Development

Flash is beyond shadow of doubt the most respected application development tool that is used for making interactive content. Flash development has grown its power over the years, providing better usability for flash developers besides providing an enhanced user experience … Continue reading

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