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Internal Search Engine: A “Throw and Fetch” Tool

Well, don’t say “Duh…Thank you miss obvious!!!” when I tell you that an internal search engine would give your website the midas touch. Yes, it is obvious that internal search engines would provide your visitors with a medium to search … Continue reading

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Best Usability Practices for Shopping Carts

No sir!! You need not be a rocket scientist to understand that the success of your shopping cart depends sheerly on its easy usability features for your online shoppers. Until and unless they are simple to navigate through and buy … Continue reading

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Product Catalog Marketing: The best way to advertise

If catalog marketing is what you have on your mind for advertising your products, then it is quintessential that you first understand the very basic highs and lows of catalog marketing. The clear cut advantages of catalog marketing are what … Continue reading

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Top Ten Website for Celebrities

I am sure you would agree with me when I say that the tech savvy realm has been enveloped with websites devoted to the rich and famous! From celebrity gossip website, celebrity look alike website, celebrity news website, celebrity official … Continue reading

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Content Writing From the Heart

Silly as it might sound to you, but writing for me is a passion that I enjoy the most without having to worry about the constraints of web content writing. Including the right keywords and SEO content writing techniques takes … Continue reading

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