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The Beauty Of Static Websites

Yes, even though, static websites are considered to be an old form of website designing, they still look elegant and beautiful. There are a number of advantages attached to static websites that allow them to be a favorite of the … Continue reading

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Online Book Stores: A relief to the one-toe life people

In a world bustling with working people like you and me, who do not even have the time to eat their breakfast or sip on their tea with ease in the morning, an Online bookstore website comes as a boon!! … Continue reading

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Educational Websites that are fun as well: An instant hit with kids!!

Well, I know how difficult it is to make your child sit, study and read through his text books when what he/she wants to do is to play games on the PC (talking from personal experience of course ). But … Continue reading

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Social Networking Sites: The Latest Wave Of Marketing

One of the latest wave of marketing that has recently brushed the air for online product selling is the most popular social networking sites like Skype, Orkut, Myspace and Facebook. Such type of top social networking sites advertise through setting … Continue reading

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Flash Intros that can become the lifeline of a Website

The truth is that your website must be a personal reflection of you as well as your business that you’ve worked so very hard to create. So, why would you have to settle for a basic, plain static website home … Continue reading

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PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor: PHP Functions & Installation

With the ever increasing use of the internet ‘PHP/Hypertext Preprocessor’ has made mark in the field of web development which also helps in search engine optimization. This computer scripting language performs numerous functions apart from just creating interactive web pages. … Continue reading

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PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor: PHP Systems & Benefits

A majority of the web pages & portals in the present day are created by using PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor as their base. This platform increases the effectiveness with which an internet server searches for & accesses the desired websites. PHP SYSTEMS … Continue reading

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PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor: Structure Development & Learning

PHP/Hypertext Preprocessor is the foundation on which the structure of a web portal is laid out and is the most widely used platform for the purpose of web development. PHP – BASIC STRUCTURE PHP actually does only the base level … Continue reading

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PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor: Concept, Brief & Scope

PHP / Hypertext Preprocessor is the most extensively used computer scripting language designed specifically for the purpose of Web designing & development. PHP – CONCEPT Internet in the present day world plays a vital role as a source of quick … Continue reading

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New Born Baby Websites for the Tech Savvy Moms and Dads

With the arrival of a babe in the house, come along a battalion of problems that the just-become-parents have to face on a daily basis. From naming the baby to the diaper rashes, there are a million and one obstacles … Continue reading

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