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Print Media Advertising: Is It Dead??

What is this that I heard?? Print Media is dying?!? Excuse me, give me a break. This ain’t gonna happen in the near future, I can bet you on that!!!   I confess, that I am not much of … Continue reading

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Outsourcing: Diffusing Boundaries

I totally agree with Larry Elder when he said:“Outsourcing and globalization of manufacturing allows companies to reduce costs, benefits consumers with lower cost goods and services, causes economic expansion that reduces unemployment, and increases productivity and job creation.” Rightly said, … Continue reading

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Brochure Designing A-Z

Oh. Come on… Don’t sulk now that you feel that there is something not right about your products because they don’t sell? Well, don’t be upset I would suggest. Psst. Here’s the secret. Maybe it’s not your product line but … Continue reading

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Benefits Of Using Flash For Application Development

Flash is beyond shadow of doubt the most respected application development tool that is used for making interactive content. Flash development has grown its power over the years, providing better usability for flash developers besides providing an enhanced user experience … Continue reading

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Bespoke Website Designing: The English “tailor-made-suit” Web Mantra

Well, it takes my life when people ask “What is bespoke website designing?”. “Oh! Come on I say” to such people. I mean have people actually stopped reading web articles?? Anyways…there is no use lamenting on such trivial matters. So, … Continue reading

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Pros And Cons Of Adding Forum Websites

Have you recently been struck by the lightening idea of adding a forum site to your existing website?? Well, better late than never, I would say. Yeah, that’s right! Adding forum websites to increase web traffic is now a norm … Continue reading

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Internal Search Engine: A “Throw and Fetch” Tool

Well, don’t say “Duh…Thank you miss obvious!!!” when I tell you that an internal search engine would give your website the midas touch. Yes, it is obvious that internal search engines would provide your visitors with a medium to search … Continue reading

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Increase Your Sales Leads Through An Interior And Furniture Website

One thing is for sure, neither designing nor selling of interior or furniture is an easy job. I for one have seen many a showroom open with a bang yet abruptly close due to a lack of clientele. Sad, but … Continue reading

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Make an impression through Online Reputation Management

So what do you think is more important….Engaging customers or simply being visible on the Internet?!?! Well, I feel that without getting any inquiries through your website or making any conversions, your web presence is absolutely futile and a sheer … Continue reading

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Industrial Websites: Useful Resources To Cater To Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to tracking, attracting and converting prospective customers to potential ones, well designed Industrial Websites remain to be the leader to complete the job with perfection. An uncluttered industrial website design which has all the essential functionalities and … Continue reading

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