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SEO Copywriting: Let it be Natural But Tactful

Does the abbreviated term SEO ring any bells in your mind??! Well, if you are in the Web business, then SEO copywriting would make a lot of sense for you. Search engine optimization would be your key to increase your … Continue reading

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Writing Accurate Advertising Collateral

Are you thinking about creating your marketing collateral and are feeling lost?? Don’t worry agony aunt Akanksha is here to help you. Designing direct marketing is an art that requires tons of effort and tactful use of strategic marketing. Don’t … Continue reading

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Basics of Custom Application Development

Hello my dearies… First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for all those lovely pingback comments…mwah mwah… Ok. Now, let us start with what I am here for. Today, let us discuss the … Continue reading

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NetBeans: The Current JSF Application Development King

NetBeans is now recognized by most JSF developers is the king for JSF application development. Yes, it’s true. Not only is NetBeans is the original free Java IDE but also provides supports various frameworks and languages like C, C++, JavaScript … Continue reading

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Branding Basics: Create A Magnanimous Logo Design

Your logo design is the virtual handshake that makes a first impression of your business. Trust me, a clammy and wimpy corporate logo design would not make much of a beseeching impact on your clients! If you are thinking about … Continue reading

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Better Shopping Carts For Better Shopping

Since the ultimate conversion of you creating an ecommerce shopping cart is “purchase”, it is but an imperative for you to rip as many hitches as you possibly can to keep your customers’ search-for-buy cycle running with a steady wheel. … Continue reading

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Best Usability Practices for Shopping Carts

No sir!! You need not be a rocket scientist to understand that the success of your shopping cart depends sheerly on its easy usability features for your online shoppers. Until and unless they are simple to navigate through and buy … Continue reading

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Content Writing From the Heart

Silly as it might sound to you, but writing for me is a passion that I enjoy the most without having to worry about the constraints of web content writing. Including the right keywords and SEO content writing techniques takes … Continue reading

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How To Make Powerful PowerPoint Presentations

Believe it or not, PowerPoint presentations and all the whistles and bells that come along with them are being used more than ever in the business scenarios and other presentation venues. I just attended a conference where almost every other … Continue reading

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Features of Good Web Design

Yesterday, while looking for content for reference to write an article, I came across a website that was an ideal example to be called a DISASTER!!!! Man….that site neither had a good web design nor an efficient layout; which brings … Continue reading

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