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addCMS excels in making Blog site designs that would become a special genre for your website. With unique characteristics, our blog site designing firm would create Blog layout designs that would be unmatchable.


We would make sure to design a layout that contains tabs such as About Us, Why Us, Registration, Login and FAQs, that are integral to a Blog Site. Free from all usability issues, our experienced designers would ensure that your Blog site design incorporates all the essential tabs required for you to gain the attention and respect of your visitors.


addCMS Blog Designing Services for the niche:

  • Enticing Blog Site Designs: Only the explosion of web-writers looking for e-places to pen down their thoughts, won't bring the lot brimming to your site. We would make Blog site designs that would help your site gain momentum through a rise in traffic and attracting the eyes of many thus pulling them towards your site. Our Blog backgrounds, skins and textures, gelled in with extensive yet structured layouts would make your site a symbol of finesse.
  • Options For Uploading Author Photos: Not much credence is given to anonymous writings. On the other hand, blogs that are identified with photos or signature trademarks are considerably more commendable. That is why, we would equip your Blog site design with provisions for bloggers to upload their photos along with their blogs.
  • Enough Space for Descriptive Content: addCMS understands the importance of scannable con
  • tent. That is why, we make sure that the bloggers designed by us include spacious boxes wherein writers can freely insert descriptive, long and informative postings, without having to face any troubles regarding textual space.
  • Well Structured sites with great Interlinking: The importance of interlinking within sites has long been discovered. addCMS, has tracked interlinking to be quite effective even in SEO. Therefore, we make sure to provide shortcut linking webbed all throughout your blog site, so that anyone can browse through the entire site within a few clicks.
  • Special Sections For Classics and Archives: addCMS knows that readers value certain writeups that have been well scripted. Such blogs would not be worth archiving. Our Blog Site designs have different sections for such blogs, which would help your readers read the evergreens whenever they feel like.
  • Calender For Better Navigation: We believe that categorization of Blogs is essential to keep the site from becoming a jumble. Postings aligned in accordance to the dates they have been submitted would assist the authors as well as readers to relocate and view the topics with ease. Our Designs would include inbuilt calenders that would automatically record the dates of submission, thereby allowing the visitors to access the blogs written on a particular date.
  • Separate Categories for all Blog Types: Our designers have enough experience to create the right categorization architecture where all your subscribers would be able to view or publish their articles. addCMS is very selective in choosing the appropriate categories, making it simpler for your authors to tag their blogs to the correct subdivision of your site.
  • Provision for Discussion Groups and Forums: addCMS would integrate forums and groups to your blog site. This would give your sites' blog authors a platform to interact with each other and share views and ideas, thereby making your blog site even more popular.


addCMS expertises in building a blog site layout wherein all you would be left to do is write a paragraph, click a button, and voila it would be posted on the Internet for everyone to see. Leave all visual designing, page designing, interaction designing, information architecture, or any programming or server maintenance issues on us.

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