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Choose The Best Payment Gateway


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If you are thinking about establishing an Internet business that works with payment processors, then you must not settle for anything less than the best payment gateway to team up with. Since, it will be the services provided by a payment gateway that would act as a bridge between you and your clients for payment collection, a secure payment gateway would make the difference in helping make your online business a success.


In order to assist you in choosing which amongst the many online payment gateways should you partner with, here is some helpful information about the most popular payment gateways.


PayPal Payment Gateway:

PayPal has long been known as the leading payment gateway that has proven to be most reliable and secure. The popularity of PayPal can be attributed to its sheer simplicity of use. All the secure payment gateway asks for is the users email address and the user is ready to make the transaction.

PayPal, at present, offers 3 kinds of online user accounts:

  • Personal
  • Premier
  • Business

However, for obvious reasons, it is suggested that you use the business account for your Internet business.


PayPal, online payment gateway, features built-in shopping cart, donation, subscription, payment notification, multiple currency transaction, customized payment pages, invoicing, refunds, mass pay, auto return and integrated shipping as well. All these features add up to the popularity of this efficient payment gateway.


Google Checkout Online Payment Gateway:

Google Checkout that was effectively launched in the year 2006 has already gained quite a loyal following. This payment gateway would allow you to store your entire credit card info in one username. Nevertheless, this secure payment gateway hides all the information whilst you do online shopping. The escalating popularity of this payment gateway has compelled many a online business owners to accept payments via the Google Checkout payment gateway.

The best bet about Google Checkout is that it allows customers and merchants to enjoy protection against fraud alike. In addition to all this, the payment gateway also provides considerable discounts to Internet businesses that hold AdWords accounts. However, these discounts are based on their monthly AdWords expenditure. The only drawback is that Google Checkout is only available for users in USA and UK.

WorldPay Payment Gateway:

Surprisingly, even though WorldPay was initially launched in 1994, not many know about the benefits of choosing this online payment gateway. Not only does World Pay have a strong reputation but is also considered to be the most secure payment gateway available today.


WorldPay certainly is the biggest when it comes to customer base. The best benefit of choosing this payment gateway is that it would allow you to accept payments in more than 120 currencies and also enjoy a wide array of services that include shopping carts.

These are just a few examples of some of the best payment gateway processors that you can choose from. All of these online payment gateways would allow you to accept customer payments. But that is not all that you would require.


So, before you select any one of these, make sure that they are free from restrictions and don't necessarily require you to have a shopping cart software integrated. Your final verdict must depend on the sophisticated tools which run the payment gateways, making it productive for your Internet business.


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