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If you wish to slash your rates to a whopping 50% then we would be the best choice for you. Hiring our dedicated web developerswould help you curb your costs to the least possible.


Whether you are an individual entreprenuer or an organization looking for software development and an ongoing process of maintenance/updation of your database backed web site, then the skill set available with us would be a perfect alternative for you.


Our web developers and content writers are highly skilled, multi facteted thereby helping you to maximize your business efficiencies. Outsourcing your content writing, web development and programing to us would lead you to greater savings and better profits. All you would have to do is to pay a basic set up fee and then a monthly fixed charge.


We would make it a point to communicate daily with you, so that you know all that is happening on your project. All our contracts comprise of no hidden costs. So, you can relax and leave the work to us, once you have hired our outsourced services.


You hire on a contract basis for a fixed period, which you can extend at anytime. addCMS would give you access to one or more Dedicated Programer(s) / Dedicated Developer(s) / Content Writer(s) who would work exclusively for you, on your projects, from our facilities.


We provide outsourcing services for the following dedicated Developers and Programers:



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