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How important is it to understand Audience Profile before designing a website


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Whether one opts to design a Flash website or a Static Website, the strategy of getting to reach audience profile while designing a good website is absolutely essential. In fact, it is always important to keep in mind the profile of ones' target audience in order to make the right efforts towards designing a good website.


Questions to ask when designing a Website:


What is the Importance of Understanding Target Audience Profile?

Target audience profile refers to a written and detailed appraisal of one’s customers’ characteristics, attitudes and behaviours. This is important to take into consideration while designing a website. The target audience profile information usually comprises of two categories namely: demographic and psychographic.


Let us understand what each means in the context of audience profile.


  • Demographic
    The demographic target audience profile details who one’s customers are. The most frequently used demographic variable is age, gender, job, location, marital status, educational level, income and nationality.
  • Psychographics
    This aspect explains why one’s customers act the way they do. An example may be how one’s price sensitive customers exhibit the tendency to choose the cheapest option while one’s trend conscious customers prefer to buy the latest option no matter how expensive it is.


Why Website Designing Requires Target Profile Information?

  • Understanding, assessing and sharing high quality customer profiles and compiling this into solid target profile information is vital to ensure one’s Online success and global reach.
  • Helps one to design a website better, keeping in mind the preferences of most customers.
  • Guides one to understand customer decisions Online and how to best market and sell one’s goods and services most effectively.
  • Reduces confusion about customer preferences and habits Online.
  • Makes it possible for the website design to accommodate customer preferences and impress them into spending more time on the site and eventually make purchases too.
  • Saves considerable time on rework that usually happens when one has incorrect understanding or information about one’s Online customer base.
  • Improves a website’s overall marketing strategy and audience profile focus.


Level of Detail Required for Online Audience Profile?
If one is trying to increase the Online average revenue per current customers, the best step is to profile the existing pool of customers. Customers can be classified into two categories, namely decision makers and influencers.


What are the Decision Makers?

This group comprises parents, young teenagers and those who initiate Online purchases on a website. The detailing one requires here is to understand their specific characteristics such as their goals, preferences, and selection criteria and so on in the context of one’s Online products. It is also important to know the cost to design a website.


The Major Influencers?

This group usually comprises of children who have preferences on what to buy and not to buy which gets conveyed to the decision makers.


Here are some effective general tips to keep in mind while profiling target audience details to increase one’s Online revenue:


  • One can use secondary market research data using external sources via surveys to understand more about the target audience profile.
  • Have an idea about the cost to design a website with the target audience profile information in mind.
  • No matter how much information one has about the target audience, it becomes necessary to rely on one’s own Online experience and make important decisions or estimates in this regard.
  • It is best not to ever rush the target audience profiling process as it has significant impact on the way one’s site maximizes profits.


Lastly, the information that one gathers through target audience profiling is one that leads to significant decisions to ensure Online success. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to ensure that target audience profile is done correctly and properly.


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