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The Art of Making PowerPoint Presentations


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In today's highly competitive selling environment, it is essential that one has the skills to make powerpoint presentation that is up to the mark and enticing for the audience. Even though your body language and tone of the voice might create an impact, but all this might fail to work if you don't follow the powerpoint presentation guidelines to make an effective powerpoint presentation.


PowerPoint Presentation Tips:

  • Always Plan Ahead of Time:
    Before you make powerpoint presentation, try to analyze who your audience will be. Different groups of audience require varied powerpoint presentation slides to relate to the content. A better understanding of the audience would give you a few tippers about how to make the speech and ppt presentation.

  • Lesser Words, More Imagery:
    Just like “too many cooks spoil the broth” similarly too many words might spoil your powerpoint presentations. Cluttering your business powerpoint presentation with too many words would only make your powerpoint presentation ppt look clumsily made and switch off the mood of the audience instantly. Replace your paragraphs with images as far as possible, so that your powerpoint presentation doesn't look confusing.

  • Check and Double Check:
    Make it a habit to proof read your powerpoint presentations as many times as possible. This will help you memorize your powerpoint presentation slides as well as rectify all the major or minor mistakes.

  • 6 Bullets Per Presentation Slide is The Rule:
    Use no more than 6 bullets on each of your powerpoint presentation slides. Strange but true; the human brain cannot remember more than this much information in one go. Thus, always be conscious that your business powerpoint presentation does not have more than six bullets per slide and no more than six words per bullet.

  • Color Schematic:
    The boring days of black and white have passed away. Try and use color combinations for your ppt presentation. Not only would it pep up your entire powerpoint presentation but also give it a zeal of its own.

  • Not too many slides:
    Try not to torture your audience with too many slides. Your audience may not be as interested in the subject of your powerpoint presentation as you are. So, however much inclined you might be try and refrain from including too many presentation slides in your powerpoint, lest by the time you are done, half the audience might have left the room.

  • All that Jazz:
    Remember, you are making a powerpoint presentation and not a party speech. Keep away from using too many animated characters or suddenly appearing objects, especially if its a business powerpoint presentation. You are there to make an effective powerpoint presentation and not scare people.

All these attributes will make up for an effective powerpoint presentation. Follow these powerpoint presentation guidelines to make powerpoint presentation and your powerpoint presentation would surely be impacting.


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