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Advertising Collateral


If you think your website needs a push that would help it reach the maximum traffic or are already running a site that is doing quite well for you, then it is the right time for you to move on to the next level of web management. An Advertising Collateral is what you need.


An Advertising Collateral is actually all the pieces of your ad campaign put together. addCMS Content Management Software would work with your company to develop a look and feel that is consistent all throughout your website and marketing materials. Sending your sales force without any marketing pieces that have been designed professionally would only end them in rejection. However, addCMS would help you polish such situations to your benefit.


addCMS Advertising Collateral Offers designing of:

  • Newspaper ads
  • Magazine advertisements
  • Custom folders
  • Brochures
  • Business mailers
  • Flyers
  • Multiple marketing slicks and inserts
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Business cards
  • Websites
  • Stationery


Our expert designers would create all sorts of advertising materials for all your products and services. In fact, with an Advertising Collateral designed by our experienced designers you would surely have an undue advantage over all the over website owners and standout from the rest of the competition!


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