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Guidelines for creating advertising collaterals


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When the pressure for boosting sales surfaces, advertising collateral often present the logical solution for business professionals. Yet, little do people place emphasis on creating marketing collateral that have been designed through thoughtful marketing strategies which increase sales and conversion rates.


Whether you are thinking of using brochures, sales aids, flyers, point of sale material, or even white papers and case studies on your website, you must ensure that your marketing colateral has all the ingredients of attracting your clients so that they produce the right support for your company's sales. Here are a few guidelines that would help you create such effective advertising collateral.


Guidelines for Creating Advertising Collateral:

  • Strategic Messaging:
    Only those direct marketing materials which have the right strategic messages can enable you to execute your sales campaigns with perfection. Keep your readers in mind. Don't assume that they are already aware of your services or products. So, before you start advertising what you have to offer, make sure that you educate them about it beforehand. Begin your marketing collateral with clear and high impact information about your business. This would also build their trust for your brand.
  • Place customer needs before leads:
    Even though, the end result of your advertising collateral must be a “call to action” effect on your customers, but that is only a short term benefit. You should look at creating marketing strategies that would dangle in the right incentives and quality leads to your door step through organic sales growth. Place the needs of the customer on the front end and let this display elaborately all throughout your marketing colateral. It would definitely bring in the desired results.
  • Set honest and realistic expectations:
    Unsubstantiated claims in your direct marketing collateral would only put off your customers. Customers are no fools to fall for such revenue generating tactics anymore. Making unrealistic claims in your advertising collateral would only lead you towards a loss of credibility and trust. Let your customers know what exactly your products and services can and cannot do for them and they would appreciate the efforts.
  • Different advertising collateral for different sets of customers:
    One of the best ways to target audience is to create customer specific marketing collateral. A direct marketing material that suits the specific regional or user type would give them a personal effect, making them feel a part of a niche that your products and services wish to reach.
  • Persuasive yet vital information:
    It is understandable that you wish to put in everything about your business in your advertising collateral. However, always remember that your prospective clients would by no means be persuaded by a thesis about what your business means to you or why you chose to sell a specific product. Just give them the crisp and to-the-point info about what you have in hand, which proceeds logically and you would get the end impact. Giving them only relevant information would make your marketing colateral more persuasive and trigger the right effect to make prospective customers into potential clients.


In the end, make sure that your advertising collateral is attractive enough yet in harmony with your brand imagery. Don't allow the content to thwart the design nor let the design overshadow the content. Your marketing collateral must always be created to accentuate your brand imagery and maintain it so as to get you back the required sales conversions.

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