Mailers: The New Funda of Direct Mail Advertising

Hello hello!! I am back to enlighten you all with my in depth knowledge about mailer designs ;) I hope by now you know and understand that the direct marketing technique is no longer constrained to just brochures and flyers. Direct mail advertising has now taken face of mailers, through bulk emailer software that sends thousands of corporate mailer and flyer advertising collateral to the prospective clients within minutes!! Surprised.. Don’t be! There’s lot to learn. Read On…

There are numerous kinds of direct mailer services that you can opt for. Let me hint you about a few :)

If you wish to reach your targeted audience through print media then mailer brochures, mailer flyers or direct mailers would be perfect for you.

Else, if you wish to reach your clientele the hi-tech way, then a corporate mailer or emailer would do just the job for you. For such mailers it would be best for you to go for the bulk emailer software (the one I mentioned before) or you can send specific direct mailers through email to your product specific customers as well (which would be a more tedious task).

However, all I have to say is that whichever one mode you opt for you must remember that your direct mailer design and content would decide the fate of your sale. So, before you start circulating your mailer designs, make sure that your mailer designing and its text is in congruence with your products and the requirements of your clients. Only then would you be able to make the most out of your mailer design. All the best.

I’ll be back!! :D


Print Media Advertising: Is It Dead??

What is this that I heard?? Print Media is dying?!? Excuse me, give me a break. This ain’t gonna happen in the near future, I can bet you on that!!!



I confess, that I am not much of a Newspaper girl myself; but then again, none of my days go by without checking out the print media advertising folded away neatly in the inner pages of the newspapers and magazines. That’s the power of print ads. Yes, I am an Internet person too much like you, and need I prove it: blogging here, am I not ;)


But as far as print advertising is concerned I safely state that they become thirst quenchers, in fact, I would say, printed media is much more interesting than the newspaper itself for even people like me :D


Print media has always been one of the most flourishing industries of the day. Few of the advantages advertising through print media tags to itself is that it is the most effective medium that reaches the masses. I for one know that my folks, all those of their age, younger or older love to bite on the news pieces in newspapers and magazines with their morning tea or breakfast. So, obviously, print advertising becomes a part of their daily routine as well!


You see, the point I am trying to make out here is that the advantages of print media outnumber any other forms of advertisement just about any day! Be it newspapers, magazines or even direct mailers and flyers, print advertising has been able to provide readers with a plethora of options for advertisers to reach a varied bracket of audiences for decades now.  


For all the bustle that goes around the Internet, I would still say that print ads still make more sense to the gentry. I mean, if you were to buy a set of clothes you would not prefer to browse through the WWW for that, now would you? Unless you are addicted to the Internet for everything, as a normal procedure you would simply take out the daily newspaper or magazine and look for the best possible offers available through print advertising.


And of course another great advantages of print media that I just LOVE are the free coupons that we get with magazines. Aren’t they just adorable. Discount or free trials, I treasure each one of the print media advertising coupons attached to magazines. I swear. :-o




In the end all I would like to say is that Print Media is not at all dead. It is here to stay… Now and Forever!!


That’s all folks :P


SEO Copywriting: Let it be Natural But Tactful

Does the abbreviated term SEO ring any bells in your mind??! Well, if you are in the Web business, then SEO copywriting would make a lot of sense for you. Search engine optimization would be your key to increase your search engine ranking and become a favorite of the web crawlers. You can either go for SEO copywriting services {which would be considerably a wiser choice: the midas touch of a professional is always recommendable ;)} or do it yourself.

Either way, you must know the techniques to make your SEO writing seem natural enough to the reader but be tactful as well to be able to bait those Web robots. There are a number of key ingredients that your SEO copywriting must endeavor to possess so as to improve your websites’ search engine ranking on a search query.

Let me give you some SEO copywriting tips that I myself follow as a SEO copywriter! :) I assure you that my SEO tips would prove to be the best tool for making your website popular… Do I need to prove it? You are reading my blog after you found it on the search engine results, aren’t you?! :D

Cue #1
Include SEO Keywords in your SEO Copywriting:
Incorporating SEO keywords in your copywriting must always be considered as one of the key factors not to be overlooked at any cost! Give them in your websites’ title, page headers, META tag descriptions, ALT descriptions of images and hyper links. Your website SEO and content would be incomplete without the appropriate keywords that would be attractive to both web audience and spiders.

Cue #2
Search Engine Optimized Web Copy:
In order to be able to near the very first few rankings in search engines listings of Google, Yahoo and AOL, you must master the art of SEO copywriting. Begin with adding keyword rich content. Use tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find out the SEO keywords that are most searched for and which ones are optimized for by your competition. This would give you a fair idea of what kind of content you should add in your web pages that would drive traffic to your website.

Cue #3
Meta Tag Copywriting:
Trust me when I say that more than communicating information to your targeted audience it is essential that you are first able to communicate it to search engine crawlers. Your human visitors may for once overlook your meta tags but web spiders would never even bother to notice your web pages and content until and unless they have the right keywords suitable for SEO copy writing. Meta tags in your HTML would be of immense help too!

Hope I lived up to my informative self!! Enjoy..

Adios Amigos!! Chiao ;) :D



Outsourcing: Diffusing Boundaries

I totally agree with Larry Elder when he said:Outsourcing and globalization of manufacturing allows companies to reduce costs, benefits consumers with lower cost goods and services, causes economic expansion that reduces unemployment, and increases productivity and job creation.”

Rightly said, ain’t it?!! Well, for those who are in the field of development (IT in specific) would completely be in unison with me that offshore outsourcing has now become the key strategy for businesses across the globe for achieving higher performance goals.

Outsourcing trends have ripened the market for job opportunities as well as created a better market for developers to show their talent and skills. Outsourcing of services have mellowed since the year 2006 (according to a study made in US). Such outsource options have smudged boundaries and enhanced intermingling of resources, reflecting an extremely challenging market for the offshore outsource developers and players today! Resulting in which, many outsourcing companies have managed to considerably reduce the risk of relocation of management and resources through strategic IT outsourcing.

Alphonso Jackson stated: “The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it.”

This would explain to you why the First World countries like USA prefer business outsourcing to India. The cheap labor costs and better productivity makes India the A-1 choice for offshore outsourcing. Such outsourcing trends have advantageously worked towards pulling the economical graph of India’s financial strata in the global fiscal environment.


Business outsourcing has spread its wings with mergers and acquisitions taking place all over the world. These outsourcing trends have emerged due to the evolving of multi-sourcing activities and tough competition betwixt the IT players. IT services outsource has enabled various suppliers to streamline modules and attain perfection.

Little is left to doubt as to why more and more companies are indulging in business outsourcing, benefiting outsourcing companies like us and helping us achieve an equilibrium in making profits!! :)


Advantages of eLearning

♫ Yeah Yeah ♫
♫ Sanchit is Back ♫

Hey all you guys and gals… So, all of you have again managed to bring me back to my PC and pen down..ummm..actually type down my thoughts for you even when I am at my sleepiest peak today!! But alas! A celeb has got to do what his fan following wants him to do, right?!??! ;)

Back by popular demand, I am here to tell you about eLearning and its advantages. I would prefer to begin by stating that much like a revolution in business, technology has also tumulted the learning process. Yes its true, and obviously not quite a hidden fact now!!

As live classroom-based training becomes costlier by the day and I mean COSTLY, a free access to information via the net is acceptably a better option for everyone around the globe. People have got a better, faster and more reliable source for finding information in the form of the World Wide Web.

I would say, that this urge and hunger of people to gulp more and more info has only paved a way for institutes to open up distance learning options for the “oh so eager” to learn crowd. But simply providing this option doesn’t make e learning courses a popular choice for one all. And of course the number of benefits attached to them is what makes elearning a favored alternative for one and all. :)


Let me highlight the benefits of elearning courses for your ease:
1) Fosters Self-Paced Learning:

For lazy bums just like me, distance learning is without doubt a “God sent opportunity” to chill out and relax on my couch with my laptop on my lap!! All I know is that elearning allows me to study at my own sweet pace not having to worry about attending lectures (or miss them for that matter ;) ). No hassle of homework and no scheduling your time to study. I for one, manage to squeeze out time whenever I feel like; wherever I feel like. Believe it or not, as a matter of fact, I just went through the first chapter of managerial economics sitting in the cafe with my girlfriend yesterday :D

2) Freedom To Review Anytime:
O.K, now don’t laugh when I tell you that I seem to forget what I had read within a few hours of having gone through any chapter. That’s where I feel like a king with having opted for elearning courses. It gives me an access to all the study material at my disposal 24X7.

3) Lower Cost Overall:
No traveling costs, no wastage of resources whilst going to and fro like I would have had to do for reaching a traditional classroom environment, I feel lucky to have gone for the elearning courses. Now I can study without having to leave my job!! :P

No wonder, I am a happy guy nowadays! I have ample time for my friends and girlfriends ;) and can also study at my leisure with my distance learning program :)

Enjoy!! I’ll be back ;)


Writing Accurate Advertising Collateral

Are you thinking about creating your marketing collateral and are feeling lost?? Don’t worry agony aunt Akanksha is here to help you. :D Designing direct marketing is an art that requires tons of effort and tactful use of strategic marketing.

Don’t worry you need not go back to designing college to learn how to create advertising collateral. I would give you the golden rules of creating marketing collateral that would give the lightening effect!! :)

Golden Rules Of Creating Direct Marketing Collateral

1) Write Marketing Collateral For The Reader:
Well, as obvious as it may sound to you, but the fact is that you are creating advertising collateral for your readers not yourself! ;) So, you while you decide upon the content or collateral design to be opted for, you must always ensure that you keep your targeted readers in mind.

Go through your planned content and images as a first time reader who would seemingly be unaware of your products and services. Your strategic marketing collateral must be able to educate your readers and provide them with high impact info in an easily laid out readable manner.

2) Focused On Making A Sale:
If you simply want your targeted audience to just know your name, address and phone number your business card and not a marketing collateral would suit you the best. :P Don’t treat your advertising collateral like a flyer, make sense out of its existence. A marketing collateral must have only purpose for you- to increase sales! Don’t even think about making the mistake of deviating away from this fact.

Let your direct marketing collateral be the medium to highlight your benefits to your customers and make them read your intended message. Zero in on your product and services and project it as the perfect solution for the requirements of your targeted clientele and you would never go wrong. :D

3) Make Them Respond To Your Collateral:
Now, you don’t want to be brainlessly distributing your advertising collateral for no results or sales would you?? So, what do you do??? Easy. Get them to respond to your collateral design. After you manage to hook their attention with your full colored marketing collateral compel them to call you or visit you immediately with punch lines like “Visit us today for a free gift!” or “Walk in with this advertising collateral to avail a special discount”. This would prompt your customers to drop by on a short notice.

Creating marketing collateral that is able to influence your prospects and make a sales for you would not be a difficult task for you anymore eh!! ;)

Adios Amigos!! Chiao :D


Brochure Designing A-Z

Oh. Come on… Don’t sulk now that you feel that there is something not right about your products because they don’t sell? Well, don’t be upset I would suggest. Psst. Here’s the secret. Maybe it’s not your product line but your brochure design that needs a few changes! ;)

Trust me guys, when it comes to selling your products only good brochure designing would help you through the tedious task. Let’s say, you must be able to design a brochure that can project your corporate identity as well as boost your brand image in a positive manner.

Brochure Designing A-Z:

One thing that you must always remember is that your corporates’ brochure is like an introduction of your entire company and products to your clients. So, it should be as warm as a handshake and as crisp as a potato chip! :D So, before you start designing brochures for your next product launch, go through my exclusive tips to make a brochure that would do the trick for you.

1) Visually Appealing:
Create a brochure
design that is a visual treat for your customers. Your brochures must act as an influential marketing tool that encompasses your entire featured product line that you wish to offer in a glossy gift wrap of a great brochure design and viola, your sales graph would shoot up like a never to land rocket!

2) Brief and Unwilted:
Limp and over crowded brochure designs won’t get you much of a clientele. But if you have a brochure design that is precise in words and even more so in terms of design would go a long way in collecting those revenues for you. A competent communication that elaborates and highlights, in the minimum possible words and images, your business fundamentals would give you the required impact.

3) Use Readable Fonts:
This might be a much debated topic when it comes to brochure layouts, but it still remains to be one of the most important brochure designing tips that you must take into account. First of all, as I said before, use minimal amount of text. This would provide you with ample space to place your most important text in your brochure design. So, you would have the freedom to fit in as much text in your brochures while not having to compromise on the font style and maintain a more readable size.

Come on. Don’t thank me now for giving you the best brochure designing tips…

Go ahead, you are now trained by the guru to design brochures that would make waves in the market. Ok. Ok. You can thank me a little now that you are compelling me so much!! ;) :D


5 Advantages of Using ASP.NET Development Tools

Right, so you think JAVA is the best when it comes to developing applications?! Think again. FYI ASP.NET Application Development is the new buzz of today.

Yes, agreed that while most developers are of the opinion that ASP.NET is simply an improved version of JAVA, what they fail to understand is that ASP has been developed whilst overcoming the shortcomings of JAVA, making it a better option for the “Oh so JAVA troubled developers” ;)

Essentials Of ASP.NET
Ok. Great that you know everything about ASP, now don’t flaunt your knowledge in my face. For the convenience of those who don’t know I would like to state that ASP.NET simply stands for Active Server Pages which is used to create web technologies and web pages.

Trust those developers, who have overcome the JAVA trauma, they consider ASP.NET application development as extremely valuable for developers and designers. Why? It is as simple as a pie! Because ASP.NET software development tools allow them to build rich, dynamic websites as well as web applications with extreme ease!! :)

5 Advantages Of Using ASP.NET Software Development Tools:

Advantage #1
The ASP.NET software development language is not limited to using script languages. It allows one to make use of compiled languages like J#, C#, VB and other .NET languages.

Advantage #2
ASP.Net development equips developers with tools that enable them to easily build compelling applications by utilizing Visual Studio.

Advantage #3
Built on a common language runtime ASP.NET, can be used effectively on almost any Windows server to host powerful ASP.NET technologies and web sites.

Advantage #4
The ASP.NET software development technology assists in drastically reducing the amount of code that is usually required to build large and complex applications.

Advantage #5
With an in-built Windows authentication combined with per-application configuration, applications based on the ASP.NET application development are safe and secured.

Agree with me or not, but I would still say that ASP.NET is a much better application development platform. I am sure those who have used the technology would vouch for the same as well. Now, won’t you guys?!?! :D

I’ll be back!!! ;)


Basics of Custom Application Development

Hello my dearies…

First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for all those lovely pingback comments…mwah mwah…

Ok. Now, let us start with what I am here for. Today, let us discuss the basics of custom application development.

Customized application development
is a software process or more so a software development lifecycle. Custom software application development involves creating a program or even a set of programs so as to be able to perform a specified task.

Whether it is custom business application development, custom web application development or custom software development all custom application development is created in accordance with the requirements of clients so as to support all their needs.

A custom software application development can perform almost any task from maintaining accounts to keeping track of billing customers. Custom software development is done keeping only one objective in mind, speeding up the business process whilst improving the applications effectiveness.

The Customized Application Development Process Includes:

  • The first step in custom application development is to take a detailed analysis of the requirements of the business.
  • Next up is the preparation of needs and the specifications of the customized application development.
  • In the third step the initial design is conceptualized wherein the blue print of the custom software application development is created.
  • Following this is the coding and programming of the custom software development.
  • After this is the testing phase of the customized application. This testing is performed in order to verify and validate the accurateness of the custom software application development.

Custom application development is the best option if you are looking for a solution which would meet your specific needs. Customized application development would proffer you with portable, flexible and practical unique applications.

Go ahead, enjoy the comfort by hiring the services of developers who would perform custom software application development for you while you sit back and relax!!

See you all later…Chiao :D


Benefits Of Using Flash For Application Development

Flash is beyond shadow of doubt the most respected application development tool that is used for making interactive content. Flash development has grown its power over the years, providing better usability for flash developers besides providing an enhanced user experience as well.

The many advantages tagged with Macromedia Flash, have increased its popularity amongst users, developers and designers alike. So, what are the advantages of using Flash for application development?? Let us discuss a few of them. Keep Reading….

1) Flash is a top-notch authoring tool that is used extensively for creating interactive content.

2) Flash application development tools integrate most features that are required for making games.

3) As Adobe Flash Player is pre-installed with Windows on most corporate machines, applications based on Flash can be easily downloaded without the audience having to worry about downloading anything except the game or website itself.

4) The cost of Macromedia Flash is essentially free. Other than a small cost for Flash IDE, Flash applications are free to distribute with royalty-free licenses for decoders.

5) The most advantageous aspect of using Flash application development is that there is a huge pool of developers and designers available in the field.

6) The gigantic market waiting for Flash application development and the launching of new Flash applications have created a niche bazaar for gulping Flash based websites, articles, tutorials, discussions and games.

No wonder, Macromedia Flash and Adobe Flash Player have gained so much momentum. Have a look at the number of downloads per second on the Adobe Flash website and you would know.. :)

Bye for now… :)




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