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PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor: PHP Functions & Installation

With the ever increasing use of the internet ‘PHP/Hypertext Preprocessor’ has made mark in the field of web development which also helps in search engine optimization.

This computer scripting language performs numerous functions apart from just creating interactive web pages.


Some of the key PHP functions performed for web development & Search Engine Optimazation are:-

PHP Date / PHP Calendar – This function, as the name suggests allows the developer to add the Time & Date feature on the website. Though this sounds simple, this function can actually be formatted to give the time & date for any time zone across the world. The web user can easily see the real time for any give time zone and performs the same way for dates to provide a Calendar.

PHP Mail – PHP can be combined with a working E-mail system to send E-mail. PHP uses one its system call the PHP INI for this purpose. The working of this PHP Mail is based complete based on the PHP INI settings.

PHP INI – This is a file in the core system of the PHP program. The main function of this file is to control & regulates the working of the PHP program including performing security function, Processing of data etc.

PHP SESSION – This function was designed with the purpose of enabling a website to transfer data from one page to another which had been a drawback with the earlier HTML websites. This function can be best described with example of websites that sell various things where items are added to a cart & that information is retained on the next web page as well.

PHP HEADER – This is one of the most interesting functions of PHP. PHP Headers can be described as a sort of a communication language between the browser & the server. When a user types in a request on the browser to search, this function is done by ‘Request Headers’ and similarly the function of the results brought back by the server is known as ‘Response Header’.

Apart from these PHP hosts a whole set of functions that prove beneficial & improve the working of the websites.

PHP INSTALLATION – The most beneficial feature of this platform is that it can be attached to almost or every server. This makes it even more convenient for a user to install PHP on their system.

Requirements of installing PHP – Since PHP is a platform that can perform numerous functions, therefore the purpose of its installation should be clear. The next requirement in line is that of a server that can support PHP (Linux, Apache, or MySQL). After the server requirement has been fulfilled then all that needs to be done by the user is to create some PHP files in the web directory which the server interprets them.

In case the server in the users system does not support PHP then it needs to be installed first & the best part is PHP can be downloaded from the internet free of charge & installed.


PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor: PHP Systems & Benefits

A majority of the web pages & portals in the present day are created by using PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor as their base. This platform increases the effectiveness with which an internet server searches for & accesses the desired websites.


PHP over a period of time has developed & formed different systems like PHP Nuke & PHP Curl. These programs further help in web development by making the Internet more secure & interactive for the user as well.


PHP Curl is a system designed to make browsing more secure & vast.

The demand with internet today is that a browser should be able to access sites from different servers as well & apart from that web users also want a secure system for browsing.

Though anti virus softwares serve the purpose of computer security, what the users want is system to filter & avoid viruses instead of first getting infested & then deleting them. Sometimes this process also leads to data loss

Also while accessing sites from different servers, there is always a possibility of an error occurring while integrating with a system based on a different language. Such an error can cause a lot of harm by giving incorrect commands & spreading across to all related users, similar to a computer virus.

PHP Curl provides the solution to handle both of these problems.

Though the primary function of PHP Curl is to be able to browse & connect to almost all different kind of servers which have their own separate settings, form & programming like ‘http, https, ftp’ etc.

PHP Curl has been designed in such a way that it can actually read & understand the programming content of a remote site & filter it accordingly making it safer.


A lot of web users all across the world have formulated communities for their specific sites, and have set up web forums where their community members can post articles, views reviews etc.

For this purpose PHP introduced the PHP Nuke system.

Created on the combined platforms of PHP & MySQL, PHP Nuke is an automated content management system that enables its user to create a community based website. This means that the website created can actually store data of other web users that can be viewed by members of that portal.

This system provides the website users to ‘Log In’ and ‘Log Out’ on the portal and provides a comments system where they can post their remarks on the website itself. PHP Nuke can be combined with some other modules as well that can enable the portal to, send & receive private messages etc.


The performance of PHP speaks for itself because of the benefits it provides like:-

  1. Its adaptability into the HTML platform.

  2. Its ability to interact with different servers

  3. It can simply be downloaded from the internet & used on any server free of charge.

PHP offers a whole lot more to its users that contribute to its popularity making it the best computer scripting language in its class.


PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor: Structure Development & Learning

PHP/Hypertext Preprocessor is the foundation on which the structure of a web portal is laid out and is the most widely used platform for the purpose of web development.


PHP actually does only the base level programming of a portal. It uses a systematic form of development to arrange the content of a web page like text, variables, values or graphics etc and organizes them in an orderly format to increase the interactive caliber of the web portal. This function is performed with the help of PHP Arrays.

PHP Array –This term broadly refers to the structure or a well defined format on which the content of a website is arranged. In other words A PHP Array is the basic outline or the frame within which the entire web content will be designed. During web designing various components & values have to be arranged in a systematic & concise manner.

Most of these values can be similar to each other & can also be at times large in numbers, to store these values a variable is required which is basically a type of data container. Before PHP was invented a single variable could hold only one single value and a whole arrangement of variables was required as well.

However a PHP Array can hold multiple values in a single arrangement making it more convenient to work, with no additional arrangement required like other variables had.

A PHP Array can be used for various purposes for example an Array can be used for listing, dictionary, collection of data (Recording hits & their data), even for execution of the step wise procedure of the PHP Array itself and a lot more.


The most amazing feature of PHP is its unique ability to embed into HTML. Basically the PHP language can be conveniently combined & adapted to HTML. This further helps in not just customizing the web portal but also in optimizing them to suit the browsers as well.

Once adapted into HTML it creates web pages that are based upon the PHP code. This is just basic outline of how PHP helps in structuring & development of web portals. A PHP developer works on the development of the web page keeping in mind optimizing the search engine utility as well.



If one wants to be a PHP Developer & effectively implement PHP programming, one is required to have is the clear knowledge of the basics of HTML/XHTML and some additional knowledge about scripting & designing.

Apart from these one of the following servers also need to be installed on the computers: - PHP, MySQL, or Apache Server. When the above mentioned requirements are fulfilled, then to learn PHP becomes very convenient.

Various PHP Tutorials are offered on the net to learn PHP. These PHP Tutorials offer a wide range of information like scripting, PHP Functions, PHP Core, PHP Programming, PHP Code, PHP installation and a lot more. By simply by logging on to one the PHP Tutorials on the net and following the instructions given one can easily get into PHP Programming to become a PHP Developer.


PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor: Concept, Brief & Scope

PHP / Hypertext Preprocessor is the most extensively used computer scripting language designed specifically for the purpose of Web designing & development.


Internet in the present day world plays a vital role as a source of quick information & fast communication.

Numerous websites all over the net provide handy information that can be otherwise, hard to access. Hence, it becomes important to ensure that design & development of the websites is corresponding as closely as possible to the optimization of the search engines.

PHP essentially has been designed for this purpose only. The basic function of this concept is, while searching for a particular subject on the internet, the keywords typed on the browser or the search engines are processed by the server to provide the results as close as possible to the keywords typed.


PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor, as mentioned earlier is the latest platform in line, used conventionally for web development. This platform works for effective Search Engine Optimization by either making changes to the content matter on the website to make it more interactive or by re-arranging the web pages or web content supplied to a browser for easy and precise access.

The technique of making changes within the webpage is called Client Side scripting & when web pages are rearranged or to web content supplied to a browser is called Server Side scripting.

Both of these methods can be implemented either individually or together with the ‘Server Side scripting’ method being more in use as it proves to be more effective.

The keywords typed on a browser play the vital role of defining the content of the website. The server understands these keywords as ‘PHP Commands or PHP Code’ & accordingly processes them to bring out websites containing these keywords.

The key function of this platform is to organize & develop scripts for the content of the website. These scripts are referred to as the ‘PHP scripts’. These PHP scripts arrange & develop the website content in such a manner that it is optimized as per the web user’s desired search and deliver the results by accessing the sites closest or accurate to the keywords typed on the browser.


PHP earlier also known as ‘Personal home Page’ has come a long way in the field of web integration & development. PHP currently is installed on more than 20 million websites and 1 million servers worldwide including the Apache server with the numbers continuously growing.

This has brought with it a steep rise in demand for PHP Developers. To learn PHP a little knowledge of scripting & basic understanding of platforms like ‘HTML’ & ‘XHTML’ is essential. One can resort to any one the many PHP Tutorials on the web for PHP programming to become a PHP Developer.

Once having learnt the basics of PHP Programming the scope for a PHP Developer is immense as PHP Developers are required for the constant development & upgrading of the PHP platform as well.


New Born Baby Websites for the Tech Savvy Moms and Dads

With the arrival of a babe in the house, come along a battalion of problems that the just-become-parents have to face on a daily basis. From naming the baby to the diaper rashes, there are a million and one obstacles that the newly “framed” (lol) mommy’s and daddy’s have to pass through.

That is why, for the tech-savvy Dad and Mom-to-be, a newborn website for the future bundle of joy is a complete boon. The best part about these newborn websites is that they have almost all the answers to the queries that the begetters have regarding the problems faced by their infant. From why their nursling is puking after a meal to why their kid is having fever, an efficient infants website tends to cover all the Frequently Asked Questions.

These websites act as a pampering platform for parents, who worry too much for their kiddies. Website for newborn make even more sense for those who do not have any assistance or guidance from their parents. It is for them, that these sites become a knight in shining armor, helping them take care of their babies and understanding the do’s and don’ts or parenthood!!

So, for all those expectant mums and dads, take out your PC’s and clamor all your Internet facilities, make room for your e-niche baby…


How to Make a Travel Website an Epitome of Excellence

The endless surfing of globetrotters through the ether to look for information about various destinations has given the travel supermarket a huge leap. Becoming an essential tool for adventurers, travel websites are not only booking engines for commuters but an entire ocean of multiplying information about an array of scenic places.

However, the actual spice in a travel website is the updated information about the destined country or city. From a detailed layout that describes the weather details through charts, the route map, interesting facts about the place to be visited to the best spots that can be routed in the exploration, add a zing to the site that is being visited by the vagabond.

Nevertheless, the best travel website that wins the race is the one which is able to include hotel and lodging information, provision for booking air, ferry or train tickets. Incorporation of the accurate information about the time it would take the sightseer to travel from one place to the other, would also assist the tourist to plan the trip to suit his/her convenience.

A forum where travelers can discuss their experiences about their visit as well as local knowledge is also a welcomed thought. A national or international travel website can be flawless and impeccable only if it is designed keeping all these things in mind. Including these pointers while making the layout of a travel website would definitely make it an epitome of excellence!!!


How I adore writing for Children’s Websites!!!!

Being a mother of a four year old, I totally understand that in todays world, where every person is dependent on the net some way or the other, children cannot help but be exposed to the World Wide Web. Face it, from learning their a-b-c’s to nursery rhymes, kids now prefer the medium of personal computers more than books.

I for one, just love writing for children’s websites. Though it is quite difficult to catch the eyes of these budding yet most restless audiences, however, an ability to keep these hands-on-fires occupied is a challenge I can’t resist to overcome.

From educational children website that helps children learn while they play to kids website that offer various fun and entertainment activities, just for toddlers, all kids website that I write content for have one thing in common: a great and attractive content that grabs the attention of kids and even their parents!!!

Be it short stories, kindergarten book content or special pages dedicated to specific subjects, my desire to reach my little patrons helps me dig deep into their hearts to give them the exactly what they want. And of course, a little side help from my four year old hero to approve my write-ups is all it takes to make each one of my articles a flair of its own.


Celebrity Websites: The New Ramble For Popularity

From toddlers to aged, people of all ages enjoy celebrity antics and behavior. Not only do fans love mimicking the dialogs of their favorite artists but are also fanatics about whatever their ’so called idols’ do on screen. May it be their hairstyles or dress code, the lovers of celebrities follow just about any trend their beloved “Star” fishes.

A celebrity gossip website, celebrity look alike website, celebrity news website, celebrity photo website or any website for celebrities hits an instant wave of ecstasy amongst such celebrity droolers. In fact, celebrity websites is where such “devotees” dig their gold. Celebrity maniacs depend on website for celebrities to drench their thirst for fanaticism.

Believe it or not, but a number of celebrity wooers don’t even care whether they are visiting the celebrity official website to get authenticated information about their hero’s, mostly adding flame to insubstantial rumors. However, they still manage to keep their hotshots in the limelight, making them popular by the day!!


The Evolution of Corporate Websites

It might be hard to believe, but the truth is that corporate websites have been around since almost more than a decade now. It is but quite fascinating to see how Corporate Website designs have evolved over these years, from the initial days of magazine-style brochure-ware to the current date fad of two-way Web interfaces.

The top Corporate Websites have been on the trend to re-invent themselves after every couple of years. As a matter of fact, the best Corporate Websites have always been on the edge of pushing the boundaries of what the current date technology allows. The sole reason being the constant change in the Web design and its regular upgradation and adaption to technology in an evolutionary environment.

Inclusion of SEO and SMO techniques have transformed the look of Corporate websites from simple imagery displays to multimedia to textual content that can be read and picked up by Search Engines such as Google easily.

The maneuver of these corporate websites over the past ten years have gone through a number of alterations for iterations driven across by the marketing techniques and changing landscape. Not only have simple HTML coding of corporate website designs been replaced by CSS tableless designs but an urge to create a two-way dialog with the clients have also induced Corporate Website designs to breech the gap between the unique strengths of the Web.


Bespoke Web Designing: A Fresh Concept

Duane Michals once said “I believe in the imagination. What I cannot see is infinitely more important than what I can see.”

This quotation is absolutely true, especially in todays world, where a virtual presence matters more than the actual presence of a firm. This is where the significance of having a bespoke website designed comes in.

Though quite a new concept, Bespoke website designing has emerged to be one of the most essential elements that need to be implemented during the designing of a Search engine friendly website layout. A Bespoke Website Design focuses not just on the layout of information, the navigational structure but also on the clarity of function making the site pleasing to the eye and search engine compatible.

One of the most amazing feature of Bespoke designs is that they can take any website over and above the realm of sameness, give it a fresh new look as well as a newfangled approach to hit the bulls eye!!

Believe it,a Bespoke design that has been tactfully created can actually make waves for even the smallest of businesses.That’s why, although this technique has recently been introduced in the industry,its impact has unleashed a whole new world hope for attracting traffic from far and near.




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