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Internal Search Engine: A “Throw and Fetch” Tool

Well, don’t say “Duh…Thank you miss obvious!!!” when I tell you that an internal search engine would give your website the midas touch. Yes, it is obvious that internal search engines would provide your visitors with a medium to search for information hidden or visible all throughout your site…but did you know that there is much more to this “Throw and Fetch” tool than you think?? :-o

Now, pay attention to this! :)

1) An Internal site search engine is similar to a stick fetching dog. Let me explain… Internal search engines are built keeping in mind that it fetches the accurate internal keyword phrases given in the text or meta tag of your website, as soon as your visitor types in the same or similar terminology.

2) Looking at an internal site search engine from another angle. The internal search engines are also like chipmunks who burrow deep in the land to find what they want. An internal search engine would dig deep within your website to get the exact keywords that match the search results of your websites visitors.

So, I hope you can now see that an internal search engine would provide your website with a greater insight as well as a better “come back to look for information” rate….

Howzzat!!! :D


Best Usability Practices for Shopping Carts

No sir!! You need not be a rocket scientist to understand that the success of your shopping cart depends sheerly on its easy usability features for your online shoppers. Until and unless they are simple to navigate through and buy from, your shopping carts would fail to grab the attention of your clients as well as generate regular sales for your ecommerce website.

I am going to give you tips on how you can dramatically increase the usability of your shopping cart website. So here goes…

1) Use Subheads, Headers and Breadcrumb Navigational Tippers to tell your Shoppers where they are: Trust me, headings and subheads that help your online customers to establish which page they are on and view the topic of that particular web page, would assist your clients to establish how deep within your site structure do they lie. Such headers and breadcrumb navigational page elements also benefit your shopping cart in terms of search engine standpoint.

2) Visibly display your contact information and number: Always make it a point to display your contact information and number on your ecommerce shopping cart, so that you can establish better customer relationship.

3) Site search function: This is the most important feature that you must have on your shopping cart. However, make sure to place the search bar in an easy to spot position and properly functioning within your shopping cart, so that customers can use it to search for products throughout your shopping cart website.

4) Category Search: Always give a search by category option. This would ease the search process of your customers. Remember, a rare product easily found is a better buying option.

Trust me, if you follow these simple steps, your ecommerce shopping cart would definitely become a better purchasing option for online customers.

Thats all folks….. :)


Product Catalog Marketing: The best way to advertise

If catalog marketing is what you have on your mind for advertising your products, then it is quintessential that you first understand the very basic highs and lows of catalog marketing. The clear cut advantages of catalog marketing are what I am going to discuss with you all today… Read on…

Yes, there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that advertising your products through product catalogs is the best way to sell your merchandise or services. Why, you may ask! Well, its evident that innumerable people shop through catalogs whether online or offline. In fact, print catalogue marketing is more likely to generate customer leads than any other kind of advertising routines.

A hard copy of your products leaves a long lasting impression of your catalog marketing services on your clients. Catalog direct marketing is definitely a better customer grabber and bags almost 15% more transactions for the sellers.

Believe it or not, those customers who receive print catalog marketing flyers or mailers are twice as likely to basket a customer order. So, why not give your customers what they like?? go ahead, your catalog direct marketing techniques would provide you with the desired results.


Top Ten Website for Celebrities

I am sure you would agree with me when I say that the tech savvy realm has been enveloped with websites devoted to the rich and famous! From celebrity gossip website, celebrity look alike website, celebrity news website, celebrity official website, to a celebrity photo website, everything about the celebrities is revealed through celebrity websites, for their fans.

With hundreds of website for celebrities catering specifically to sharing pictures, news and gossip about the hot shots, even though most celebrity website make efforts to to display the latest information about celebs, only a few celebrity web site are able to hold the attention of critics for long. The list comes down to 10 most popular celebrity website that provide insider gossip, celebrity sightings and bios.

10)The-ALIST.ORG: This celebrity website contains all the information on specific celebrities along with e-mail addresses wherein the fans of the star can write and send mails to their favorite stars.

9) Chock full of information about the celebrity movie releases, photo galleries, trailers and snippets of news, this website for celebrities proffers the best possible scoops on the stars.

8 ) CNN’s Showbiz: This celebrity web site is brimming with factual information about the happenings in Hollywood and even beyond. This website for celebrities does a splendid job in offering comprehensive information about the famous and rich.

7) This celebrity website is a wealth of current pictures and news about celebs. Gossips, videos to star sightings, this site offers a plethora of entertaining information for the fan fare.

6) The Smoking Gun: Known for “Arresting Images” this famous website for celebrities is known for its’ notorious scoops on the crimes and dirty deeds committed by celebrities. It is a celebrity website which promises entertainment to the highest level of satisfaction.

5) Forbes: This well-known celebrity web site boasts of providing the most interesting celebrity topics.

4) The Superficial: This website for celebrities discusses the antics of the elite from the entertainment world. This celebrity website promises sure shot giggles, complete with recent photos.

3) E Online: The celebrity website is jam packed with blogs, news, photos and features about the lives of celebrities. The favorite hit ons of the website are the scoops and sightings section that dishes about the happenings at Hollywood parties and functions.

2) Actress Archives: The website for celebrities brags about having a list of top thirty favorite Hollywood females, combined with their respective videos, pictures, movies, news and headlines.

1) ET Online: Without fail ET Online remains to be the king of all information as far as celebrity websites are concerned. The official Entertainment Tonight website is well known for its adequacy for confirming rumors and gossip about celebrities.

Whether you are on a look out for gossip or the latest buzz about your favorite celebrity, I am sure these top 10 websites for celebrities would provide you with everything you need!!


Content Writing From the Heart

Silly as it might sound to you, but writing for me is a passion that I enjoy the most without having to worry about the constraints of web content writing. Including the right keywords and SEO content writing techniques takes life out of writing. But this can be overcome if you are a content writer who has the caliber to inculcate the right website content writing approach.

Allow me to bestow ;) my relevant online content writing tips:

  1. Passion: My mantra for great web site content writing is that I am infatuated towards writing. The very thought of web content writing makes me tempestuous. This is what makes my website content writing skills so perfervid. I always make it a point to chose content writing topics that I am interested in. I guess, this is one of the major reasons why I am able to write passionate articles that my readers love. (You are still reading this blog, aren’t you!!! Hence proved :D )

  2. Clarity and Brevity: Well, its sheer common sense. No one’s going to read or even browse through your websites content if they don’t make any sense… Right?!? So, what do you do? Of course, make use of simpler words that convey what you need to say through your web site content writing in the briefest possible manner. A verbose article, full of complicated and arcane vocabulary would never be your best bet to grab the attention of your online readers. (OK, I didn’t quite follow this one in the previous paragraph myself, I agree…but you got the point, didn’t you ;) )

  3. Purposeful Writing: Come to the point. Beating around the bush won’t get your website content writing much applause. Try not to include any gap fillers in your content, they act as distracters rather attracters. Always make it a point to saty focused on your writing and the message you wish to convey. Don’t go on day dreaming about tangents lest your audience loses interest. Frustrating your readers with purposeless words would lead your content writing skills down the drain. :D

  4. Stylish Content Writing: Try to make your own unique style of web content writing which is effective. Trust me, there could never be a better way to engage and pique the interest of your readers than to arouse their curiosity in your content writing.

  5. Know When To End: The way to successful content writing and own loyal readership is to know how and when to end your article. Know that the key to winning the hearts of your audience is to make a good conclusion that ends your web content writing, leaving the reader a feeling of having read and absorbed the entire extent of information you wished to provide. Know just when to stop writing and quit.

That’s all folks….I Quit!!! :D


Increase Your Sales Leads Through An Interior And Furniture Website

One thing is for sure, neither designing nor selling of interior or furniture is an easy job. I for one have seen many a showroom open with a bang yet abruptly close due to a lack of clientele. Sad, but true. :(

Anyways, I am here to tip you on how you can bring clients to your door step, without having to make much efforts for the same. No kidding!! Read on…

You need not be a rocket scientist to understand that an interior and furniture website would do the trick for you. Of course, you would understand that your furniture and interior website designing would require to be SEO friendly…blah blah blah… all this has been discussed like a million times, so I am not going to drain your brains with that.

Let us come to the point, your furniture and interior design websites must reflect your exquisite taste and fashionable instincts. Only a capturing interior and furniture website design that displays your remarkably artistic gut would generate more sales leads for your business. You don’t expect dull and boring websites for furniture and interiors to make any good sales do you?? :D

And again, you must be available up-front for search engines. You just cant imagine how many people type in keywords related to your business, every day, around the globe?!?!?! So, including just the right keywords (psst..try fitting in keywords that have not been optimized on by your competition, they’ll be a better catch ;) )and ignoring the ones that have saturated competition optimization would help you come up in the search results for websites for interior design and furniture.

You can always sign up for a PPC campaign for your interior and furniture websites. Try going for the bigger fish like Google, Yahoo or MSN to get the best targeted effect. It would cost you just a few pennies but get you a clientage that would be worth the expenditure.

What else!! Go ahead. Don’t just sit there….Do something for your interior and furniture website and increase your sales leads. :)


How To Make Powerful PowerPoint Presentations

Believe it or not, PowerPoint presentations and all the whistles and bells that come along with them are being used more than ever in the business scenarios and other presentation venues. I just attended a conference where almost every other person considered themselves to be a pro at designing PowerPoint presentation slides. Trust me, their over confidence only resulted in their PPT files to become unprofessional in looks and overloaded with information. Ughhhh… :(

I could barely stand their ugly looking and ill structured PowerPoint presentation slides and kept murmuring to myself “Doesn’t anyone know how to make a PowerPoint presentation that is worthy of being considered as a business PPT?”

When it was turn for me to speak, I decided it was high time that I told those bozos how to make effective PowerPoint presentations that would attract the audience towards discussions and not die with boredom!!!! :D

So…I gave out my SIX tips for making good PowerPoint presentations. Have a look:

Tip 1: Use Meaningful Titles of max 6 words.

Tip 2: No more than 6 bullets per slide.

Tip 3: No more than 6 rows of data/data points in a table or graph.

Tip 4: Make only 6 slides, giving 5 minutes for discussion on each, or 12 slides with2-3 mins for discussion (30 minutes in total).

Tip 5: Use Animations and graphics sparingly. Don’t cluster your PPT format with an overload of images. Try replacing your text with images to gain interest.

Tip 6: Less is always more. Lesser words on the PowerPoint presentation slides mean better illumination on key points.

Well, it took me hardly 30 minutes myself to explain it to my audience, but I guess, I made the lot understand the way to make a PowerPoint presentation that is actually POWERFULL!!!! ;)


How to drive Traffic to a Site

The word is out. No longer is it a secret that an increasing amount of traffic visiting a website on a daily basis is the lifeline of any website. So whats the intelligence behind increasing website traffic? Me- Sanchit, the blog blaster ;) would discuss it with you. Read on….

For starters, if you wish to increase website traffic then begin by publishing quality and keyword rich content on your website. This would drag targeted website traffic to your site. You can also drive traffic to website by publishing relevant blogs or posting comments on the blogs of others. How would posting comments help you may ask? Well, you can always hyperlink your comments to redirect the bloggers traffic to your website. Cool, ain’t it?!?!

You can also get guaranteed website traffic through Search Engines. Whether you advertise on them via Pay Per Click, other referring/sponsored websites and newsletters or even banners and skyscrapers you would definitely be able to improve website traffic.

Another great way to propel more website traffic towards your site would be build your reputation both online and offline. You can go for either online reputation management or send flyers and other print media. Both the media would contribute equally well to increase your website traffic.

I bet, all these traffic generation methods would help you build your online business for the long run. Increased web traffic guaranteed!!!!


Make an impression through Online Reputation Management

So what do you think is more important….Engaging customers or simply being visible on the Internet?!?! Well, I feel that without getting any inquiries through your website or making any conversions, your web presence is absolutely futile and a sheer waste of money.

Think about it! As a marketer you must obviously be putting in quite a lot of your time, effort and money into improving your visibility to reach the top few search results of Search Engines. Imagine , even after reaching to those heights if you are not making able to drag customers to your site due to a lack of ORM?

Online reputation management would help you build a brand identity: something that is vital to your business. An increase in your brand identification through online reputation management would make your business unique and also establish your credibility further.

Take my word. Online reputation management would definitely do the trick for you. Be it posts, blogs press releases or any other kind of communication thread introduction, online reputation management would assist you in getting much more positive results and possible clients for your business. But make sure to hire a pro for your online reputation management, lest you end up spoiling the broth you have stewed for so long.


Features of Good Web Design

Yesterday, while looking for content for reference to write an article, I came across a website that was an ideal example to be called a DISASTER!!!! Man….that site neither had a good web design nor an efficient layout; which brings me down to write this blog today! (wish whosoever designed that site would see this and take the advice!!!!) ;)

Well, we all know that a good website design that has vibrant colors and great graphics can catch the eye of the visitor immediately. But it is also essential to know that you don’t include colors that are not in hormony with the context of the website. Obviously, you can make a kids website in bright pink with animated characters floating around, but imagine designing a corporate website with the same features :D

Ok. Now that you agree to that ( I am pretty sure of that) I believe that you would also agree on the fact that generally the web site design must be such that all the web pages download quickly. Trust me..It would be a sure relief for the visitors to go through your entire site if the web design loads faster.

Well, you wouldn’t want your visitors to go blind every time they have to make an effort to read the text on your website… ;) So, make sure to chose readable fonts for your web pages and pleeeeease keep the font size to the minimum of 11-12 pixels. It would save your visitors from getting glasses after having read the entire content!!

Don’t tell me you expect all your website visitors to have the same kind of computer? Well, then why have a website design which is neither stretchable, nor works on every browser/computer/ operating system? I say it would be best to have a web design that is device independent and supports Cascading Style Sheets (hope you have heard about them). They would be more user friendly and make your visitors comfortable with your web site design.

Thats all folks!!! :)




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