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November 17, 2008

SEO Copywriting: Let it be Natural But Tactful

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Does the abbreviated term SEO ring any bells in your mind??! Well, if you are in the Web business, then SEO copywriting would make a lot of sense for you. Search engine optimization would be your key to increase your search engine ranking and become a favorite of the web crawlers. You can either go for SEO copywriting services {which would be considerably a wiser choice: the midas touch of a professional is always recommendable ;)} or do it yourself.

Either way, you must know the techniques to make your SEO writing seem natural enough to the reader but be tactful as well to be able to bait those Web robots. There are a number of key ingredients that your SEO copywriting must endeavor to possess so as to improve your websites’ search engine ranking on a search query.

Let me give you some SEO copywriting tips that I myself follow as a SEO copywriter! :) I assure you that my SEO tips would prove to be the best tool for making your website popular… Do I need to prove it? You are reading my blog after you found it on the search engine results, aren’t you?! :D

Cue #1
Include SEO Keywords in your SEO Copywriting:
Incorporating SEO keywords in your copywriting must always be considered as one of the key factors not to be overlooked at any cost! Give them in your websites’ title, page headers, META tag descriptions, ALT descriptions of images and hyper links. Your website SEO and content would be incomplete without the appropriate keywords that would be attractive to both web audience and spiders.

Cue #2
Search Engine Optimized Web Copy:
In order to be able to near the very first few rankings in search engines listings of Google, Yahoo and AOL, you must master the art of SEO copywriting. Begin with adding keyword rich content. Use tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find out the SEO keywords that are most searched for and which ones are optimized for by your competition. This would give you a fair idea of what kind of content you should add in your web pages that would drive traffic to your website.

Cue #3
Meta Tag Copywriting:
Trust me when I say that more than communicating information to your targeted audience it is essential that you are first able to communicate it to search engine crawlers. Your human visitors may for once overlook your meta tags but web spiders would never even bother to notice your web pages and content until and unless they have the right keywords suitable for SEO copy writing. Meta tags in your HTML would be of immense help too!

Hope I lived up to my informative self!! Enjoy..

Adios Amigos!! Chiao ;) :D


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