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November 12, 2008

5 Advantages of Using ASP.NET Development Tools

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Right, so you think JAVA is the best when it comes to developing applications?! Think again. FYI ASP.NET Application Development is the new buzz of today.

Yes, agreed that while most developers are of the opinion that ASP.NET is simply an improved version of JAVA, what they fail to understand is that ASP has been developed whilst overcoming the shortcomings of JAVA, making it a better option for the “Oh so JAVA troubled developers” ;)

Essentials Of ASP.NET
Ok. Great that you know everything about ASP, now don’t flaunt your knowledge in my face. For the convenience of those who don’t know I would like to state that ASP.NET simply stands for Active Server Pages which is used to create web technologies and web pages.

Trust those developers, who have overcome the JAVA trauma, they consider ASP.NET application development as extremely valuable for developers and designers. Why? It is as simple as a pie! Because ASP.NET software development tools allow them to build rich, dynamic websites as well as web applications with extreme ease!! :)

5 Advantages Of Using ASP.NET Software Development Tools:

Advantage #1
The ASP.NET software development language is not limited to using script languages. It allows one to make use of compiled languages like J#, C#, VB and other .NET languages.

Advantage #2
ASP.Net development equips developers with tools that enable them to easily build compelling applications by utilizing Visual Studio.

Advantage #3
Built on a common language runtime ASP.NET, can be used effectively on almost any Windows server to host powerful ASP.NET technologies and web sites.

Advantage #4
The ASP.NET software development technology assists in drastically reducing the amount of code that is usually required to build large and complex applications.

Advantage #5
With an in-built Windows authentication combined with per-application configuration, applications based on the ASP.NET application development are safe and secured.

Agree with me or not, but I would still say that ASP.NET is a much better application development platform. I am sure those who have used the technology would vouch for the same as well. Now, won’t you guys?!?! :D

I’ll be back!!! ;)

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