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Pros And Cons Of Adding Forum Websites

Have you recently been struck by the lightening idea of adding a forum site to your existing website?? Well, better late than never, I would say. ;)

Yeah, that’s right! Adding forum websites to increase web traffic is now a norm and much appreciated fact. But, you better get disillusioned.. You ain’t gonna attract members instantly. You would have to have to wait for at least six months for your forum site to jump start into its blooming state. So, you better buckle yourself up for the pros and cons that you would have to face after you add a forum to your website.

Con: Whether you decide upon adding a chat forum, a community forum, a travel forum, a phpbb forum, a fan forum, free forums or general discussion forums, the initial stage would be the most difficult one. You would get hardly any traffic or comments.

Pro: Once you have passed this initial phase, people would become devoted to your forum websites and check out their messages on a regular basis.

Con: Your forum websites might be flooded by spammers on a look out for a forum site to paste their useless content. So, you would always have to be on a look out for such spam messages and members who join your forum only for clouting good-for-nothing communiqué and block them from your forum websites.

Pro: Many of the users would also add propitious content to your discussion forums. Such messages would add spice to your forum an attract traffic as well. That’s an added advantage of course ;)

Con: You might also have a problem regarding the management of the site. Once your forum site gets going, it would take extra time and effort on your part whilst registering people, monitoring messages and moderating topics. It might even end up to be a full time job for you. But, you can overcome this problem by taking the help of volunteers willing to become moderators for your forum websites.

Pro: The more moderators you have, the more expertized your forum discussions would be. Crackjack moderators would take care that the relevant topics are running, making your discussion forums more popular as trust worthy resources for applicable info.

Ok. my list can just go on and on, but all I would say to conclude is that a forum site is like an gargantuan stone ball that’s difficult to get started; but once it gets rolling it can make new ways for you towards success! :)


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