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Secrets of Blogging: How to get massive blog traffic

Hi to all my fans out there…I am back by popular demand, with of course my most favorite topic: tipping you guys about the secrets behind blogging. For starters, I am sure, now that you are reading my blog, you are indeed looking for blogging tips that would help you chaperon blog traffic to your blog directory..Aren’t you?? ;)

Ok, Ok. Let’s not beat around the bush ‘coz now is the time when I would bestow my insightful blog blogging secrets only for you…Read away :)

First and foremost thing after you create a blog is to take serious interest in your creation. Yes, you just can’t expect people to discover your island of thoughts, just like that, do you?? As a blogger, it is the initiative which you take that is going to pour in the blog traffic you desire.

Try to capture a suitable, keyword rich domain name for your weblog. This would give easy acceptability to your blogs. The keyword friendly name of your blog directory would also help the blog traffic to remember your blog name, forward them as relevant content and find them for future reference as well. The correct domain name might even commandeer hitters to bookmark or ping it as the best blog or ultimate info guide!!

Bloggers don’t refrain from commenting anywhere do they?? And what could be better than giving your feedback on other weblogs whilst navigating the blog traffic back to your blogging directory. However, before you set about commenting on other peoples’ blogs first create a blog that would act as a base for the relevant blog you are back talking upon. Become a seasoned commenter by giving the correct buzzes and blogging the right versions of information and the blog traffic would navigate directly to your blogs blindfolded!!

Oof!! Giving you blogging tips is surely a hard job.. ;)
Enough for today then folks! Keep blog blogging.
I’ll be back… :D


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