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Internal Search Engine: A “Throw and Fetch” Tool

Well, don’t say “Duh…Thank you miss obvious!!!” when I tell you that an internal search engine would give your website the midas touch. Yes, it is obvious that internal search engines would provide your visitors with a medium to search for information hidden or visible all throughout your site…but did you know that there is much more to this “Throw and Fetch” tool than you think?? :-o

Now, pay attention to this! :)

1) An Internal site search engine is similar to a stick fetching dog. Let me explain… Internal search engines are built keeping in mind that it fetches the accurate internal keyword phrases given in the text or meta tag of your website, as soon as your visitor types in the same or similar terminology.

2) Looking at an internal site search engine from another angle. The internal search engines are also like chipmunks who burrow deep in the land to find what they want. An internal search engine would dig deep within your website to get the exact keywords that match the search results of your websites visitors.

So, I hope you can now see that an internal search engine would provide your website with a greater insight as well as a better “come back to look for information” rate….

Howzzat!!! :D


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