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Features of Good Web Design

Yesterday, while looking for content for reference to write an article, I came across a website that was an ideal example to be called a DISASTER!!!! Man….that site neither had a good web design nor an efficient layout; which brings me down to write this blog today! (wish whosoever designed that site would see this and take the advice!!!!) ;)

Well, we all know that a good website design that has vibrant colors and great graphics can catch the eye of the visitor immediately. But it is also essential to know that you don’t include colors that are not in hormony with the context of the website. Obviously, you can make a kids website in bright pink with animated characters floating around, but imagine designing a corporate website with the same features :D

Ok. Now that you agree to that ( I am pretty sure of that) I believe that you would also agree on the fact that generally the web site design must be such that all the web pages download quickly. Trust me..It would be a sure relief for the visitors to go through your entire site if the web design loads faster.

Well, you wouldn’t want your visitors to go blind every time they have to make an effort to read the text on your website… ;) So, make sure to chose readable fonts for your web pages and pleeeeease keep the font size to the minimum of 11-12 pixels. It would save your visitors from getting glasses after having read the entire content!!

Don’t tell me you expect all your website visitors to have the same kind of computer? Well, then why have a website design which is neither stretchable, nor works on every browser/computer/ operating system? I say it would be best to have a web design that is device independent and supports Cascading Style Sheets (hope you have heard about them). They would be more user friendly and make your visitors comfortable with your web site design.

Thats all folks!!! :)


One Response to “Features of Good Web Design”

  1. Yes harmony and consistency are very important while designing a website. The navigation should be easy, the content should be well written and color scheme should be soothing and should be according to the theme of the website.



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