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PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor: PHP Functions & Installation

With the ever increasing use of the internet ‘PHP/Hypertext Preprocessor’ has made mark in the field of web development which also helps in search engine optimization.

This computer scripting language performs numerous functions apart from just creating interactive web pages.


Some of the key PHP functions performed for web development & Search Engine Optimazation are:-

PHP Date / PHP Calendar – This function, as the name suggests allows the developer to add the Time & Date feature on the website. Though this sounds simple, this function can actually be formatted to give the time & date for any time zone across the world. The web user can easily see the real time for any give time zone and performs the same way for dates to provide a Calendar.

PHP Mail – PHP can be combined with a working E-mail system to send E-mail. PHP uses one its system call the PHP INI for this purpose. The working of this PHP Mail is based complete based on the PHP INI settings.

PHP INI – This is a file in the core system of the PHP program. The main function of this file is to control & regulates the working of the PHP program including performing security function, Processing of data etc.

PHP SESSION – This function was designed with the purpose of enabling a website to transfer data from one page to another which had been a drawback with the earlier HTML websites. This function can be best described with example of websites that sell various things where items are added to a cart & that information is retained on the next web page as well.

PHP HEADER – This is one of the most interesting functions of PHP. PHP Headers can be described as a sort of a communication language between the browser & the server. When a user types in a request on the browser to search, this function is done by ‘Request Headers’ and similarly the function of the results brought back by the server is known as ‘Response Header’.

Apart from these PHP hosts a whole set of functions that prove beneficial & improve the working of the websites.

PHP INSTALLATION – The most beneficial feature of this platform is that it can be attached to almost or every server. This makes it even more convenient for a user to install PHP on their system.

Requirements of installing PHP – Since PHP is a platform that can perform numerous functions, therefore the purpose of its installation should be clear. The next requirement in line is that of a server that can support PHP (Linux, Apache, or MySQL). After the server requirement has been fulfilled then all that needs to be done by the user is to create some PHP files in the web directory which the server interprets them.

In case the server in the users system does not support PHP then it needs to be installed first & the best part is PHP can be downloaded from the internet free of charge & installed.


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