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PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor: Structure Development & Learning

PHP/Hypertext Preprocessor is the foundation on which the structure of a web portal is laid out and is the most widely used platform for the purpose of web development.


PHP actually does only the base level programming of a portal. It uses a systematic form of development to arrange the content of a web page like text, variables, values or graphics etc and organizes them in an orderly format to increase the interactive caliber of the web portal. This function is performed with the help of PHP Arrays.

PHP Array –This term broadly refers to the structure or a well defined format on which the content of a website is arranged. In other words A PHP Array is the basic outline or the frame within which the entire web content will be designed. During web designing various components & values have to be arranged in a systematic & concise manner.

Most of these values can be similar to each other & can also be at times large in numbers, to store these values a variable is required which is basically a type of data container. Before PHP was invented a single variable could hold only one single value and a whole arrangement of variables was required as well.

However a PHP Array can hold multiple values in a single arrangement making it more convenient to work, with no additional arrangement required like other variables had.

A PHP Array can be used for various purposes for example an Array can be used for listing, dictionary, collection of data (Recording hits & their data), even for execution of the step wise procedure of the PHP Array itself and a lot more.


The most amazing feature of PHP is its unique ability to embed into HTML. Basically the PHP language can be conveniently combined & adapted to HTML. This further helps in not just customizing the web portal but also in optimizing them to suit the browsers as well.

Once adapted into HTML it creates web pages that are based upon the PHP code. This is just basic outline of how PHP helps in structuring & development of web portals. A PHP developer works on the development of the web page keeping in mind optimizing the search engine utility as well.



If one wants to be a PHP Developer & effectively implement PHP programming, one is required to have is the clear knowledge of the basics of HTML/XHTML and some additional knowledge about scripting & designing.

Apart from these one of the following servers also need to be installed on the computers: - PHP, MySQL, or Apache Server. When the above mentioned requirements are fulfilled, then to learn PHP becomes very convenient.

Various PHP Tutorials are offered on the net to learn PHP. These PHP Tutorials offer a wide range of information like scripting, PHP Functions, PHP Core, PHP Programming, PHP Code, PHP installation and a lot more. By simply by logging on to one the PHP Tutorials on the net and following the instructions given one can easily get into PHP Programming to become a PHP Developer.


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