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PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor: Concept, Brief & Scope

PHP / Hypertext Preprocessor is the most extensively used computer scripting language designed specifically for the purpose of Web designing & development.


Internet in the present day world plays a vital role as a source of quick information & fast communication.

Numerous websites all over the net provide handy information that can be otherwise, hard to access. Hence, it becomes important to ensure that design & development of the websites is corresponding as closely as possible to the optimization of the search engines.

PHP essentially has been designed for this purpose only. The basic function of this concept is, while searching for a particular subject on the internet, the keywords typed on the browser or the search engines are processed by the server to provide the results as close as possible to the keywords typed.


PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor, as mentioned earlier is the latest platform in line, used conventionally for web development. This platform works for effective Search Engine Optimization by either making changes to the content matter on the website to make it more interactive or by re-arranging the web pages or web content supplied to a browser for easy and precise access.

The technique of making changes within the webpage is called Client Side scripting & when web pages are rearranged or to web content supplied to a browser is called Server Side scripting.

Both of these methods can be implemented either individually or together with the ‘Server Side scripting’ method being more in use as it proves to be more effective.

The keywords typed on a browser play the vital role of defining the content of the website. The server understands these keywords as ‘PHP Commands or PHP Code’ & accordingly processes them to bring out websites containing these keywords.

The key function of this platform is to organize & develop scripts for the content of the website. These scripts are referred to as the ‘PHP scripts’. These PHP scripts arrange & develop the website content in such a manner that it is optimized as per the web user’s desired search and deliver the results by accessing the sites closest or accurate to the keywords typed on the browser.


PHP earlier also known as ‘Personal home Page’ has come a long way in the field of web integration & development. PHP currently is installed on more than 20 million websites and 1 million servers worldwide including the Apache server with the numbers continuously growing.

This has brought with it a steep rise in demand for PHP Developers. To learn PHP a little knowledge of scripting & basic understanding of platforms like ‘HTML’ & ‘XHTML’ is essential. One can resort to any one the many PHP Tutorials on the web for PHP programming to become a PHP Developer.

Once having learnt the basics of PHP Programming the scope for a PHP Developer is immense as PHP Developers are required for the constant development & upgrading of the PHP platform as well.


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