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The Evolution of Corporate Websites

It might be hard to believe, but the truth is that corporate websites have been around since almost more than a decade now. It is but quite fascinating to see how Corporate Website designs have evolved over these years, from the initial days of magazine-style brochure-ware to the current date fad of two-way Web interfaces.

The top Corporate Websites have been on the trend to re-invent themselves after every couple of years. As a matter of fact, the best Corporate Websites have always been on the edge of pushing the boundaries of what the current date technology allows. The sole reason being the constant change in the Web design and its regular upgradation and adaption to technology in an evolutionary environment.

Inclusion of SEO and SMO techniques have transformed the look of Corporate websites from simple imagery displays to multimedia to textual content that can be read and picked up by Search Engines such as Google easily.

The maneuver of these corporate websites over the past ten years have gone through a number of alterations for iterations driven across by the marketing techniques and changing landscape. Not only have simple HTML coding of corporate website designs been replaced by CSS tableless designs but an urge to create a two-way dialog with the clients have also induced Corporate Website designs to breech the gap between the unique strengths of the Web.


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