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Print Media Advertising: Is It Dead??

What is this that I heard?? Print Media is dying?!? Excuse me, give me a break. This ain’t gonna happen in the near future, I can bet you on that!!!



I confess, that I am not much of a Newspaper girl myself; but then again, none of my days go by without checking out the print media advertising folded away neatly in the inner pages of the newspapers and magazines. That’s the power of print ads. Yes, I am an Internet person too much like you, and need I prove it: blogging here, am I not ;)


But as far as print advertising is concerned I safely state that they become thirst quenchers, in fact, I would say, printed media is much more interesting than the newspaper itself for even people like me :D


Print media has always been one of the most flourishing industries of the day. Few of the advantages advertising through print media tags to itself is that it is the most effective medium that reaches the masses. I for one know that my folks, all those of their age, younger or older love to bite on the news pieces in newspapers and magazines with their morning tea or breakfast. So, obviously, print advertising becomes a part of their daily routine as well!


You see, the point I am trying to make out here is that the advantages of print media outnumber any other forms of advertisement just about any day! Be it newspapers, magazines or even direct mailers and flyers, print advertising has been able to provide readers with a plethora of options for advertisers to reach a varied bracket of audiences for decades now.  


For all the bustle that goes around the Internet, I would still say that print ads still make more sense to the gentry. I mean, if you were to buy a set of clothes you would not prefer to browse through the WWW for that, now would you? Unless you are addicted to the Internet for everything, as a normal procedure you would simply take out the daily newspaper or magazine and look for the best possible offers available through print advertising.


And of course another great advantages of print media that I just LOVE are the free coupons that we get with magazines. Aren’t they just adorable. Discount or free trials, I treasure each one of the print media advertising coupons attached to magazines. I swear. :-o




In the end all I would like to say is that Print Media is not at all dead. It is here to stay… Now and Forever!!


That’s all folks :P




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