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Writing Accurate Advertising Collateral

Are you thinking about creating your marketing collateral and are feeling lost?? Don’t worry agony aunt Akanksha is here to help you. :D Designing direct marketing is an art that requires tons of effort and tactful use of strategic marketing.

Don’t worry you need not go back to designing college to learn how to create advertising collateral. I would give you the golden rules of creating marketing collateral that would give the lightening effect!! :)

Golden Rules Of Creating Direct Marketing Collateral

1) Write Marketing Collateral For The Reader:
Well, as obvious as it may sound to you, but the fact is that you are creating advertising collateral for your readers not yourself! ;) So, you while you decide upon the content or collateral design to be opted for, you must always ensure that you keep your targeted readers in mind.

Go through your planned content and images as a first time reader who would seemingly be unaware of your products and services. Your strategic marketing collateral must be able to educate your readers and provide them with high impact info in an easily laid out readable manner.

2) Focused On Making A Sale:
If you simply want your targeted audience to just know your name, address and phone number your business card and not a marketing collateral would suit you the best. :P Don’t treat your advertising collateral like a flyer, make sense out of its existence. A marketing collateral must have only purpose for you- to increase sales! Don’t even think about making the mistake of deviating away from this fact.

Let your direct marketing collateral be the medium to highlight your benefits to your customers and make them read your intended message. Zero in on your product and services and project it as the perfect solution for the requirements of your targeted clientele and you would never go wrong. :D

3) Make Them Respond To Your Collateral:
Now, you don’t want to be brainlessly distributing your advertising collateral for no results or sales would you?? So, what do you do??? Easy. Get them to respond to your collateral design. After you manage to hook their attention with your full colored marketing collateral compel them to call you or visit you immediately with punch lines like “Visit us today for a free gift!” or “Walk in with this advertising collateral to avail a special discount”. This would prompt your customers to drop by on a short notice.

Creating marketing collateral that is able to influence your prospects and make a sales for you would not be a difficult task for you anymore eh!! ;)

Adios Amigos!! Chiao :D




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