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Bespoke Website Designing: The English “tailor-made-suit” Web Mantra

Well, it takes my life when people ask “What is bespoke website designing?”. “Oh! Come on I say” to such people. I mean have people actually stopped reading web articles?? Anyways…there is no use lamenting on such trivial matters. So, for the convenience of those who ask me such vague and uninformed questions, here goes the explanation for the last time…

“Bespoke” is the web designing mantra of today. A Bespoke website design is much like the English process of stitching hand made suits that are customized to befit the individual.

Doesn’t the very term bespoke websites have a nice ring to it! I would say, it actually suits the very requirement of a website..just like a website must “be speaking” to you, so does the very name. Now the next question that props up is “What exactly does a custom website design comprise?”

For this query I would rather divide my answer into the following points:

#1 A bespoke website is structured and designed keeping the search engines in mind, so as to ensure that they are picked up in search results.

#2 The bespoke website design is created to enhance ease of use for the site visitor.

#3 A custom website design is essentially designed right from scratch. The designers come up with something totally unique yet fulfilling all the requirements of the client. Bespoke Website…remember! ;)

#4 Bespoke website designing must also be able to fetch higher page ranking for the clients. This is done through Search engine optimized content, design, alt tags and HTML.

#5 Most bespoke websites come along with site statistic monitors that can enable the client to see what kind of hits or exits the new site is receiving.

I hope, I have been able to answer all your queries about bespoke website design. So, don’t be a cookie cutter anymore. Liven up, now you know what bespoke websites are all about, won’t you?! :D




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